White Bean Cafe: Your Instagram-Worthy Restaurant in Naga City

There are plenty of restaurants in Naga as per my internet research, but serendipitous encounters with nice restaurants make a travel experience more memorable for me.

I was having a solo walking tour in Naga City when I accidentally stumbled upon a place just in front of the Naga Land E-Mall with a very beautiful interior, White Bean Cafe. For somebody who will go places for Instagram (well, that was me before, but not anymore), I cannot help but check out the place. It turned out that it was a coffee shop located at the ground floor of Naga Land Hotel at Elias Angeles Street, Naga City. I was hesitant to enter the place at first (because guys, it’s really intimidatingly beautiful af), but I feel like I’m gonna regret not dining in here, so yeah.

White Bean Cafe Naga City

The restaurant was not full of people when I came in, and I believe it’s an opportunity for me to enjoy some peace and quiet and take photos around as well. When you start to grow older, I believe you will get accustomed at seeking for some peace and quiet in this very complicated world and life.

(If you’re new in this website, well, you will see a lot of existential stuff like this one hehe)

White Bean Cafe Naga City

I ordered Creamy Pesto Pasta for Php195 and Strawberry Milkshake for Php125. I was not able to take a photo of my meal because I was really stunned by the cafe’s interior, but I can tell you that the serving is big enough that I was not able to finish it. However, if you’re gonna realize, the food was a little expensive.

White Bean Cafe Naga City

The staff will happily allow you to take photos around the restaurant. It is my habit to ask permission from the restaurant staff before taking photos around, especially if I could cause discomfort to other people dining in the place. Thankfully there are no big crowds at White Bean when I went there.

White Bean Cafe Naga City

To be honest the place looks so prim and proper and therefore intimidating. It literally feels like being inside a doll house. Every corner is beautiful and fairy tale-ish. I don’t even want to touch anything inside the cafe because every corner is so beautiful!

I am thankful that beautiful restaurants in Naga like this existed!

I could use just reading any random book here and just relaxing while sipping some milkshake. I bet no other restaurants in Naga has this beautiful kind of interior. I’m in love!

White Bean Cafe Naga City

I’m not sure if I will have another chance to visit Naga City again anytime soon, but if ever that happens, I will surely visit White Bean Cafe again.

White Bean Cafe Naga City

Oh, look! They have a good selection of cakes! Looks yummy!

White Bean Cafe Naga City

Do you know any other Instagram-worthy cafes anywhere in the Philippines and Southeast Asia like White Bean Cafe Naga? Please don’t hesitate to let me know by sending me a DM at my Instagram account @wheressherlyn. Happy travels!

White Bean Cafe Naga Contact Details

Naga Land Hotel, Elias Angeles, Barangay Santa Cruz, Naga, Camarines Sur
(054) 473 2111

Where to stay in Naga City?

White Bean Cafe is located directly at the Ground Floor of Naga Land Hotel, and I recommend this hotel to those who are traveling to Naga City.

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