What Sets Your Soul On Fire?

*this blog was written in 2021, in case you’re wondering when was ‘ten years ago’ πŸ˜›

Ten years ago, I started embarking on a journey to go around the Philippines and Asia to take photographs of beautiful landscapes, museums and historical sites, architectural wonders, street art, and the candid daily affairs of people, all while keeping a full-time job. Ten years after, here I am. (Travel and street) photography still sets my soul on fire.

I love telling stories through photographs and the written word, I always have, and I always will. Each one of us has stories to tell, but in a world where everyone can do it in so many channels, I wanna make sure I tell stories that matter.

Ten years ago, it came to me. That’s it. I need some nuance.

Left to my own devices, I could be the laziest person on earth (ask my family if you’re skeptical). Also, I don’t have the most interesting everyday routine. So obviously, to be able to have stories to tell, I needed to get my ass off the couch, move, go outside, and see the world. Otherwise, I’ll be hollow and lame.

Storytelling is all about experiencing the good, the bad, and the ugly. Hence, being constantly on the road is not supposed to be beautiful 100% of the time. But trust me when I say, your outlook in life, how you value your health, your mindset, your faith in humanity, your food preferences, and the information you consume, among others, will never be the same once you started experiencing the (real) world.

I’m ready to spend another 10 years (or even more) to experience more things, take more photos, and bring home more stories to you. I’m currently cooking some passion projects (which I will launch soon). In the meantime, whatever it is you’re passionate about, I hope you will be able to find the strength and commitment to start them. It will be worth it, I’m telling you.

I’m falling in love with @ilfordphoto black and white films.

Lastly, I changed my Instagram username to my actual name and changed my website domain to sherlynmaehernandez.com. Goodbye, ‘young dumb and broke #wheressherlyn‘. That’s it. I’m old.

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