Have an Authentic Taste of Japan at Tokyo Bubble Tea

Raise your hands if you love Japanese food and if you are looking for a Japanese restaurant in Manila! I am here to give you guys a virtual tour of this very awesome Japanese restaurant in Quezon City in the name of Tokyo Bubble Tea.

An Awesome Restaurant in Quezon City

The presence of a Japanese restaurant in Manila, whether it’s right at the corner of a street, or a kiosk serving quick Japanese bites, is very common. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to dine at their restaurant in Quezon City at Tomas Morato Branch. They have several branches around Metro Manila, too – at Katipunan Blue Ridge, SM North EDSA The Block, and SM Megamall, to name a few.

Tokyo Bubble Tea

Upon entering the place, you will be greeted by its very courteous staff and will guide you to your table. For someone who has been to Japan, I would say that the place will give you an authentic vibe of a Japanese restaurant. The restaurant plays a Japanese playlist which adds to the Japan feels, and you also have the option to dine the Japanese way, that is, sitting on the floor.

Tokyo Bubble Tea

The pink lover in me is very happy because the interior is so kawaii!

Tokyo Bubble Tea
Tokyo Bubble Tea

Tokyo Bubble Tea: The Food

So, are you excited about the food that we ordered?

Tokyo Bubble Tea

Crunchy Midori Maki

Composed of Crunchy Ebi Fry Roll Topped With Kani Crunch and Ebiko

I must say that this is not your ordinary maki because aside from it is larger in size, the kani crunch gives a way better status to it. I love how soft the kani crunch and can be eaten together with the maki.

Japanese Caesar Salad

The tenderness of the chicken is perfect for the rest of the ingredients of this salad. The presence of the grapes gives it a special taste, not to mention the perfectly-tasting Caesar dressing.

Bulgogi Nachos

I cannot imagine a concept of bulgogi nachos until I was able to taste one. This is highly-recommended!


Composed of oishi crispy ebi tempura and tender slices of US beef in a special sauce with rich tomato chunks served on hot stone bowl rice

The serving of gyutendon is big and I think most of those who have tried this would agree with me that a combination of tender beef and large shrimp tempura is a great idea. The tempura was not that greasy and is crispy enough.

Teriyaki Chicken Doria

I am a fan of teriyaki and I must say this is a unique version. How the teriyaki sauce adds flavor to the rice is just right.

Strawberry Ice Cream Frappe

I love the color pink hence I love strawberry-flavored stuff. Or perhaps I love strawberry-flavored stuff hence I love the color pink. Whichever. The presence of black pearls makes it stand out among typical frappe drinks, if you know what I mean. ;) The ice cream adds creaminess to this lovely drink.

Chocolate Japanese Cheese Cake

I have tasted a lot of chocolate drinks in my life, but this one is among the best. Not too sweet, not too sugary. The cheese cake factor in the drink blends just fine.


Tokyo Bubble Tea Tomas Morato Branch has a Honeybon Café corner where you can order cakes with a variety of flavors to choose from. Yum!

Tokyo Bubble Tea: A Japanese Restaurant in Manila That is Worth a Try

If you want to experience a typical Japanese restaurant in Manila with your friends to just chill and perhaps to do some work (btw, in their restaurant in Quezon City at Tomas Morato branch, electric outlets are available in selected seats), then Tokyo Bubble Tea is the place for you. If you are hungry enough to eat big, Tokyo Bubble Tea menu items will guarantee you a full stomach because of its large serving. Tokyo Bubble Tea is also a place to be alone and have a ‘me time’. Kudos to the Tomas Morato team for being so kind and attentive enough to the needs of their customers. Yay!

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