How to Think Out of the Box the Right Way: Giovanni Corazza on Creativity

Think out of the box? What a cliche, right? Also, it has always been suggested to us, but in my case, no one actually ever told me on how to do it exactly?

When is a specific idea “out of the box”, and what separates ideas inside and outside the box? What exactly is THE box?

I’m so glad that I was able to watch this TEDx talk by Giovanni Corazza on how to think out of the box.

How to think out of the box? 6 questions to ask

Actually, I was surprised that Giovanni Corazza’s suggestions to think out of the box is another set of cliche questions: the 5 Ws and 1 H: who/which, what, where, when, why, and how.

  1. WHY: we need to ask the reasons for trying to go out of the box
  2. WHICH: we need to ask which box or what kind of box are we talking about
  3. HOW: we need to ask the ways in which we can go out of the box
  4. WHERE: we need to identify which way to go once we’re out of the box
  5. WHAT: we need to ask the value of the new ideas we got outside of the box
  6. WHEN: we need to ask the right time to challenge the existing ideas with the ideas we got outside of the box

And lastly, we can experiment any scenario or any idea using this method or technique.

Being Anti-Routine and Thinking Out of the Box

I have been struggling with routines ever since the pandemic hit. Not having routines works well for me. My job starts and ends on different times of the day, everyday. The nature and content of my job changes every now and then. The people I meet in my job changes constantly. I can also say the same with my creative hobbies. From time to time, I discover some potential other interests or niche, but somehow I easily get bored of them.

This talk made me realize that I can stick to one job or one creative niche without getting bored because I can always think out of the box and come up with new ideas without jumping to a brand new venture. As an application of this talk, I will challenge myself to think out of the box the right way and see how many new ideas I can come up with in order to be more creative.

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