Here’s another short film because I’m feeling so extra today. 😎

Yes, there are indeed no rules. There are no rules on how to be creative and how you’re supposed to live your life. Trust me, I know how liberating it is to live your life in your own terms. I still have some things to work on with myself, but I’m getting there.

How I’ve been living my 20s has been waaay far from what society’s been expecting of kidz my age. But guess what? I turned out just fine.

So yeah, there are no rules.

And whenever you see me unusually overproducing content, that means I’m in deep stress and pressure and I’m trying to reorient myself by creating stuff. You should know me by now.

🎢 Put Your Number on My Phone by @arielxpink (I’m in love with his discography, srsly)

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