The Raymond Reddington Travel Bucket List: Eat Khorem Baklava in Uzbekistan (No. 20)

Raymond Reddington of the American TV show The Blacklist is one of the smoothest and most well-traveled criminals — he did not only commit crimes around the world, but have also gotten to know the people, the food, and the culture of the places he’s been to. While I don’t necessarily want to travel the world as a fugitive, I doesn’t hurt to take note of Red’s travel tips and recommendations when visiting a specific country.

The Blacklist Season 2 Episode 11: Ruslan Denisov (No. 67)

Every episode of The Blacklist features a specific criminal on Raymond Reddington’s ‘blacklist’ where he tips the FBI on crucial information about them which mostly leads to their capture or death. Red’s character is so brilliant and cultured and he definitely knows how to get what he wants.

Oh, did I mention that the character that played Raymond Reddington also played one of my favorite The Office characters, Robert California?

Here is the episode plot:

The Blacklist Uzbekistan
Screencap from The Blacklist S02E11

Reddington, Liz and Ressler travel to Uzbekistan to investigate criminal Ruslan Denisov, who is holding several American hostages. Denisov, a former Red`s associate, targets members of a company that refuses to replace an oil pipeline, whose oil leaks contaminate water and poison civilians. After unsuccessful attempts to negotiate with Denisov, Reddington works with him to arrest a former Russian business associate and use the company’s story to blackmail him into fixing pipes. However, the CIA has one of their spies holding Denisov and trying to hire an Uzbek general to take down Denisov. Cooper confronts CIA henchmen and the mission is halted. Reddington captures the general and assures Denisov that he has helped his country, and that, despite the potential consequences, he will emerge as a hero.

My Raymond Reddington Travel Bucket List #20: Eat Khorem Baklava

the most tantalizingly delicious khorem baklava.

The Uzbek cuisine has abundant dessert dishes. Many of them are made with fine delicacy and taste simply so great that they are actually mouth-watering. Kholvaitar, which is a ‘liquid halvah’, is quite prominently served after the main course meals. Nishalda, Un Talkon, Shakarli Bodom (sugar coated almonds), Magiz Kholva (sugared Apricot seeds), Khorazm Pahlamasi, Khorem Baklava, Anjir Murrabossi (which is a fig jam),and the Bekhi Murrabossi (Quince jam) are some of the very popular desserts in the cuisine of Uzbekistan. These desserts and many more of such kind are made in the traditional Uzbek manner of preparing their cuisine and they are truly one of a kind. Most of the desserts in the Uzbek cuisine are served on special occasions, in gatherings, along with tea, and sometimes with main meal courses. They are very easy to prepare and truly enjoyable to have.

Uzbek baklava. Image from

I am definitely looking for a yummy khorem baklava if I get the chance to visit Uzbekistan. Thanks, for the reco, Red!

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