Neighborhood Travel Guide: Shimo-Kitazawa, Tokyo

Shimo-Kitazawa, with its low skyline and criss-crossed narrow streets, has attracted artists, musicians and students for decades. In other words, those with irregular schedules – which means great nightlife every night of the week, plus live music venues and plenty of record stores. The area is connected to central Shinjuku and Shibuya by train. Never … Read more

Neighborhood Travel Guide: Tomigaya, Tokyo

Tomigaya is part of what is sometimes called the “Shibuya worm” – it’s within walking distance of Shibuya’s bustling shopping and entertainment hub, but couldn’t be more different. The buildings here are small chef-owned restaurants and chic cafes that make up Tokyo’s food scene. The nearest subway station is Yoyogi-kōen on the Chiyoda Line. Yoyogi … Read more