Snapshots: Asia Photo Essay #8: GOOD MORNING, SOI NANA!

soi nana

Thailand!!! Finally we meet again! It’s been a while since I visited Bangkok. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular place to visit in Southeast Asia (and loved by my friends from Western countries!). Not gonna lie, but Bangkok has a certain kind of charm sans the crazy traffic jam. How locals would greet … Read more

Flying Around Southeast Asia: Direct Flights From Brunei Darussalam

Direct flights to Southeast Asia may have been limited before, but more routes have been opening to so many destinations connecting the East and the West every now and then. Flights to Brunei Darussalam, for instance, are increasing, hence Bruneians and other travelers have more options on where to go next. Brunei has direct flights … Read more

Bangkok, Thailand Travel Vlog


Hello, everyone! After my short trip to Bangkok, Thailand, I created this simple travel vlog containing the video clips I took. Enjoy! Bangkok Travel Vlog For more blog posts on Thailand, please click on the photo below: And click HERE to subscribe to my YouTube channel! Where to stay in Bangkok, Thailand? Whenever I will … Read more

Bangkok, Thailand Travel: 11 Amazing Things in 24 Hours

grand palace bangkok thailand

ALSO READ:5 REASONS TO CHECK IN AT THE JOURNEY HOTEL LAKSI, BANGKOK, THAILAND Last 2017, some classmates and I went on a very tight and yet very enjoying Indochina trip and our last stop was a travel to Bangkok, Thailand (we flew from Manila to Ho Chi Minh, then took a bus to Phnom Penh, … Read more

5 Reasons To Check In at The Journey Hotel Laksi in Bangkok, Thailand

The Journey Hotel Laksi

So, we stumbled upon this very nice hotel in Bangkok during our stay there: The Journey Hotel Laksi. With its strategic location, affordable rates, good interiors, and nice staff, your stay will be so worth it! Here are 5 photos which will make you want to book a room in this lovely hotel: But before … Read more