The Underrated Surfing Town of Daet, Camarines Norte

Quaint little towns in the Philippines are part of my travel bucket list, and discovering the beauty of the surfing town of Daet was really life-changing.

“Where could be the closest province I haven’t been to so far which I can plan to travel to last minute?”

This is the question I always ask myself each time a long weekend or an upcoming break is approaching. I used to feel like I always have to go somewhere during every free time I get. I used to feel like I always need to have the next best thing figured out. I used to feel like I need to feel every void or space in my life and I am not supposed to stay idle.

Now that I think about it, that mindset kinda feels exhausting. Lately, I’m honestly all about slow living.

Anyway, so my usual ‘scratching that travel itch’ moment has led me to decide to go somewhere new: the surfing town of Daet.

The Surfing Town of Daet

Just like some of the past trips, I had in Bicol Region, I randomly hopped on a bus from Manila and picked a bus which leaves the soonest going to my town or city of destination. I have done this in the past for my trips in Legazpi and Naga, and I will be willing to do this again for the rest of the places I haven’t been to in the region.Specifically for the surfing town of Daet, I don’t have any expectations from this town. I just want to set foot there just because. Boy, I can’t even find any tourism-related information online apart from this Jose Rizal statue and a beach area. (Hmmm perhaps I should write about it? I really want to, but I always find myself feeling lazy about it.)

“A beach area? Girl, you came all the way to this town for a beach area? You are surrounded by a lot of beach areas nearby!” No, I was wrong.

Surfing Town of Daet
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I took a tricycle from my hotel to visit Bagasbas Beach during my first afternoon in Daet. I posted an Instagram Story of a static video of Bagasbas Beach with the sound of the air and waves, and those who viewed my Story seemed to get a calming feeling watching the short clip. Also, one of my classmates from graduate school (who is also an avid surfer) told me, “I’ve been wanting to travel there to surf, but it’s really far.”

And that hit me. There may not be anything special in this town, but I was very brave and lucky to have endured that long bus ride from Manila to Daet and have been to this beautiful beach that some people are just only dreaming of going. I admit, the beach was really beautiful and relaxing, and I could sit by the shore for a long time just meditating and listening to the waves. The whole area seems very clean and well-maintained as well. There are a couple of surfing board rentals nearby, but nope, I don’t know how to surf yet, so I’ll give it a pass. Also, it’s not crowded at all!I even met some friends — some cool locals and a Spanish girl studying English (wait, studying English in Daet, of all places? That seems cool!).

I might not be willing to endure that looooooong bus ride again for Daet itself, but I would love to go back to visit Calaguas Island. That would be nice.

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