Stumbling Upon Daniela Ortiz’s The ABC of Racist Europe at Tallinna Kunstihoone

Waking up to a cold winter morning in Tallinn makes me don’t want to go out. Moreover, sticking to my travel plans means I only have a whole day to go sightseeing around Tallinn. I am looking forward to witnessing some Soviet era history, contemporary art, and the mundane activities of the locals outside.

After being tired of walking around the cobblestones of the Tallinn Old Town, I decided to aimlessly wander around, until I accidentally reached Tallinna Kunstihoone (Tallinn Art Hall).

Man, it was the most interesting art gallery I have seen so far! It was a small place situated in an old building (the facade will not give away impressions that there are magnificent art inside), and the artworks are just the ones I have been looking for.

Daniela Ortiz’s The ABC of Racist Europe

On one corner of the second floor of the Tallinn Art Hall is Daniela Ortiz’s The ABC of Racist Europe. To be honest, it will take me the whole day to browse though the whole alphabet because each letter will have my mind racing to process everything. I can even create one course syllabus out of this art alone, to say the least. It does not only cover the issue of racism in Europe, but also touches several socio-economic, cultural, political, and historical issues outside the region.

I was not able to actually appreciate this artwork until recently. I am glad I took photos of it.

I am planning to write different blog entries reflecting on each letter in relation to my experience traveling around Europe. As an Asian woman who traveled solo, I sure had my share of different anecdotes. Let’s see about it.

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