All photographs featured in this article are from the Street Photography in Nigeria series by Caleb Ishaya Oseshi. All photos are posted here with his permission.

Whenever I’m not traveling, or not feeling inspired enough to take new street photographs, I make it a point to look for inspirations from fellow street photographers online in order to psych myself up and motivate me to create something more and see more places to photograph. Moreover, this website has given me a couple of opportunities to connect with fellow street photographers.


One day, I randomly received an email from a fellow photographer saying that he was really inspired with my work. He was also happy to share some of his photographs to me, which I really find very interesting and unique enough to tell stories from the streets of his home country in Nigeria. He is Caleb Ishaya Oseshi.

Street Photography in Nigeria by Caleb Ishaya Osashi
HOT AND BUSY STREETS OF NIGERIA. You can definitely hear some traffic jam noises by just looking at this photograph. The warm color grading of the photo can also give the viewers a feeling of the temperature in the streets when this photo was taken.
Credits: Caleb Ishaya Oseshi

Introducing Nigeria Street Photographer Caleb Ishaya Oseshi

Caleb Ishaya Oseshi is a passionate Nigerian street photographer, a final year student of Educational Technology at the Federal University of Technology Minna, Niger state, Nigeria.

Caleb Ishaya Oseshi Street Photographer from Nigeria
Caleb Ishaya Oseshi, a very talented Street Photographer from Nigeria

He embarked on this journey of photography during the pandemic and has since never relent. He aims to tell the stories of the street with photography and proclaims hope for his future.

Street Photography in Nigeria by Caleb Ishaya Osashi
STREET PHOTOGRAPHY: SUNSET IN NIGERIA. Symbolizing hope and fulfillment of his creative dreams post-pandemic, Caleb was able to capture this blazing red sky as the sun descends to the horizon during sunset. Caleb dreams to enrol in a photojournalism course to improve his skills and to seek opportunities in the said field.
Credits: Caleb Ishaya Oseshi

Caleb has a foresight of capturing the world with his lens, and documenting fleeting moments. Thereby, the desire to pursue photojournalism In the nearest future.

You may follow Caleb’s Instagram account @caleb.ishaya.

Street Photography in Nigeria by Caleb Ishaya Osashi
STREET PHOTOGRAPHY INSPIRATIONS FROM NIGERIA. Who would have thought that the internet will allow us, fellow photographers, to share our work with each other and possibly collaborate in the future? If ever I will have a chance to visit Nigeria, I will definitely ask Caleb to show me around and do a photo walk with me.
Credits: Caleb Ishaya Oseshi


Nigeria, a land brimming with cultural diversity and vibrant street life, offers a unique canvas for photographers. The bustling streets of Lagos, the historic allure of Kano, and the colorful markets of Abuja are just a few highlights. To capture the essence of Nigeria’s street life, here are some essential tips:

1. Embrace the Local Culture

Understanding local customs and traditions is key. Spend time learning about Nigeria’s diverse cultures. This knowledge not only enriches your experience but also reflects in your photographs, capturing the true spirit of the streets.

2. Respect Privacy and Consent

Always prioritize respect and consent. Before taking photos of people, especially in sensitive areas, seek permission. A friendly approach and a smile go a long way. Remember, respect and empathy are as important as your camera settings.

3. The Golden Hours

Leverage the ‘golden hours’ – early morning and late afternoon – for the best natural light. The soft, diffused sunlight during these times can add a magical quality to your photos, enhancing the vibrant colors of Nigerian street life.

4. Capture the Everyday

Find beauty in the mundane. Street photography is about capturing the essence of everyday life. Focus on simple scenes – a bustling market, children playing soccer, or a vendor preparing local cuisine. These moments tell compelling stories.

5. Stay Safe and Alert

While exploring, prioritize your safety. Be aware of your surroundings, especially in crowded places. Keep your gear secure and avoid flaunting expensive equipment. Sometimes, a simple, less conspicuous camera is the best tool for street photography.

6. Experiment with Angles and Perspectives

Don’t just shoot from eye level. Experiment with different angles and perspectives. Try high-angle shots from a building or low-angle shots capturing reflections in puddles. This variety adds depth to your visual narrative.

7. Be Patient

Great shots don’t always come easy. Patience is a virtue in street photography. Sometimes, you might need to wait for the perfect moment when all elements align – light, subject, and background.

8. Engage with Your Subjects

When possible, engage with the people you photograph. A brief conversation can lead to a more relaxed and natural photo. It also allows you to understand their story, adding context to your images.

9. Post-Processing: Enhance, Don’t Alter

In post-processing, enhance your photos to reflect the scene as you experienced it. Avoid over-editing. The goal is to preserve the authenticity and mood of the moment.

10. Share Your Stories

Finally, share your photographs and the stories behind them. Whether through social media, exhibitions, or photo blogs, sharing your work can inspire others and bring attention to the diverse narratives of Nigeria’s streets.


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