Krakow, the second-largest city in Poland, has a rich cultural and historical heritage that attracts visitors from all over the world. But there’s more to Krakow than its iconic landmarks and medieval architecture. If you’re a photography enthusiast, you’ll love the city’s vibrant street life and the opportunities it offers for capturing candid moments and unique perspectives.

My goal is to travel the world and document the everyday scenes on the streets. I was able to capture the beauty of the busy everyday life in the streets of Krakow, Poland, and here are some of my favorite shots from my ‘Street Photography in Krakow, Poland’ series.

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Here’s our guide to street photography in Krakow, Poland:

Plan your itinerary

Krakow has many photogenic neighborhoods, each with its own character and charm. The Old Town, with its bustling market square and Gothic buildings, is a must-visit for any traveler. But don’t stop there. Take a walk through the Kazimierz district, known for its Jewish heritage and street art. Or explore the bohemian district of Podgórze, with its industrial architecture and trendy cafes. Make a list of the places you want to visit and plan your route accordingly.

Choose the right time

Street Photography in Krakow, Poland
STREET PHOTOGRAPHY IN KRAKOW, POLAND: A nice view of St. Florian’s Church on a gloomy winter afternoon.

Timing is everything in street photography. You want to capture the city when it’s at its liveliest and most colorful. Early morning and late afternoon are ideal for getting soft, warm light that can add depth and mood to your shots. But don’t be afraid to shoot at night, either. Krakow’s streets come alive with lights and shadows after dark, and you can experiment with long exposures and creative techniques.

Look for unique perspectives

Street Photography in Krakow, Poland
STREET PHOTOGRAPHY IN KRAKOW, POLAND: A horse carriage traveling along the Krakow Old Town Square, Rynek Glowny.

Street photography is all about capturing the essence of a place and its people. To do that, you need to look beyond the obvious and find unique perspectives. Look for reflections, shadows, and textures that can add interest to your shots. Try shooting from different angles and heights, or using a wide-angle lens to capture more of the scene.

Engage with the locals

Krakow’s residents are friendly and welcoming, and many of them are proud of their city’s heritage and traditions. Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation or ask for permission before taking someone’s portrait. You’ll find that many people are happy to share their stories and be a part of your project. Just remember to be respectful and mindful of people’s privacy.

Edit and share your photos

Once you’ve captured your shots, it’s time to edit and share them with the world. Use your favorite photo editing software to fine-tune your images and bring out their best qualities. Crop, adjust exposure and contrast, and experiment with black and white or color tones. Then, share your photos on social media or photography websites to get feedback and connect with other photographers.


Street photography in Krakow, Poland, is a rewarding and exciting experience for any photography enthusiast. With its charming neighborhoods, friendly people, and rich history, Krakow offers endless possibilities for capturing unique and memorable images. So grab your camera and start exploring!

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