Street Photography in Jakarta, Indonesia

My goal is to travel the world and document the everyday scenes on the streets. I was able to capture the beauty of the busy everyday life in the streets of Jakarta, and here are some of my favorite shots from my ‘Street Photography in Jakarta’ series.

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STREET PHOTOGRAPHY IN JAKARTA, INDONESIA: Passengers alighting the train at Kota Tua Station.

Tips for Taking Street Photography in Jakarta, Indonesia

Where to shoot street photography in Jakarta?

STREET PHOTOGRAPHY IN JAKARTA, INDONESIA: Vehicles passing by a street in Kota Tua with a nice, geometrical building in the background.

If you want to shoot street photography in Jakarta, there are two main places where you should go: busy areas and touristy spots. Busy areas are more likely to offer interesting subjects because people are moving around and interacting with each other. The Tebet Area in Jakarta is a good spot to see subjects working in corporate companies, people hanging out in restaurants after office, and people visiting museums. Touristy spots are also good locations to photograph because they tend to attract lots of tourists who will pose for photos. Example of a touristy spot in Jakarta is the Kota Tua (Old Town) area.

How to find interesting subjects for street photography in Jakarta?

You need to find interesting subjects before you start shooting. This means looking at the environment around you, observing what people are doing, and thinking about what kind of pictures you might want to make. In Jakarta, you will never run out of interesting subjects — people working on the streets, vendors, GoJek drivers, kids playing on the streets, tourists, and so on.

When to go for street photography in Jakarta?

If you want to capture some amazing street photography images, then you should visit Jakarta, Indonesia during the day. There are lots of things happening in the city, so you will have plenty of opportunities to shoot. However, you also need to consider where you are going to stay when you arrive.

How to find interesting locations for street photography in Jakarta?

You should find interesting locations to photograph. This means finding places with lots of people, busy streets, and interesting architecture. The area near Monas has lots of amazing parks, museums, and shopping malls. Jakarta is a big city, and apps like Google Maps can definitely guide you as to what specific areas you want to focus on to get your dream street photography shots of the city.

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