Street Photography in Bangkok, Thailand

My goal is to travel the world and document the everyday scenes on the streets. I was able to capture the beauty of the busy everyday life in the streets of Bangkok, and here are some of my favorite shots from my ‘Street Photography in Bangkok, Thailand’ series.

In Thailand, street photography is an art form that is practiced by many photographers. They take photos of everyday life in the country and share them online.

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Some Tips for Street Photography in Bangkok

There are many different locations where you can photograph street scenes in Thailand. Here are some suggestions:

  • Walking through markets. You will see vendors selling everything from food to clothing.
  • Taking pictures at temples. Many temples offer free admission so you can walk inside and take photos.
  • Looking for interesting architecture. Bangkok has beautiful buildings from various eras.
  • Strolling down busy streets. People often stop to watch what you are photographing.

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