this was one of those days when i wasn’t in a mood to be creative (or let alone even go outside). before greece, i have been photographing eastern europe for six weeks before flying to germany, back to finland, and proceed with the rest of my trip. i have been pushing myself too hard on this project, creatively. my body has been freezing from the winter, my brain just can’t process the shit ton of cultural and historical information that come my way anymore, my creative soul was starting to feel empty. i did not even feel what i thought i would feel when i was climbing the steps of the acropolis going to parthenon (aka the cradle of ancient western civilization and democracy). apparently, creative block is a thing.

a colleague/friend recommended me to walk around exarcheia (the art/intellectual/anarchic district of athens, which is, in her words, “very sherlyn hernandez”). it was interesting to explore an open-air museum-esque area where you can see very strong expressions on racism, gender issues, (over)tourism, migration, and politics through graffitis and posters. i wish i have gone there on a better day. it was too much for my whole system to process.

anyway, some shit was happening when i passed by a street called ikonomou. a night market was about to open. stalls are being prepped. took shots without thinking since my brain was just dead and my ass was just freezing. here are the results, and i liked none of them but i’m posting them anyway.

on a completely unrelated note, i have been seeing orange trees all over the city. are they owned by the state, by the households next to them, or can anyone just pick them? i dunno. i said i was too tired to even google it. a bad day is one thing, getting into trouble on a foreign land over some fucking sour oranges was another.

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