Hey it’s me again! Here are my scrambled thoughts on Steve’s come back and Blue’s Clues, Zedd and EDM, and Lily Collin’s outfits in Emily in Paris.


8th of September, rainy morning. I was in the car with my sister after her second dose of vaccine. We were ordering takeaway breakfast at McDonald’s in Manila, and I saw this video while browsing through social media:

Apparently, it has become viral, and people my age have been expressing either nostalgia or support to Steve as he was explaining why he abruptly left Blue’s Clues.

To be honest, even if I’ve been locally watching Blue’s Clues with my siblings when I was a kid, I hardly remember noticing that the show was gone, and Steve was gone.

Hence, the whole ‘Steve resurfaces and explaining himself’ does not mean anything to me. But don’t get me wrong, please. I love Blue and Magenta. It’s just that, Nickelodeon was amazing in creating a noise in the online world.

But nonetheless, it’s nice to know that Steve went to college, and everything’s alright with him. Looks like I actually missed my childhood, Blue’s Clues, and Steve, after all. Welcome back, Steve!


Zedd, Zedd, Zedd. Your songs gave life to many of my Friday nights when I was a graduate student slash early career government professional. I can still vividly recall singing ‘Stay the Night’ at the top of my lungs when the DJ played it in a club I was in with my girlfriends. Aside from Avicii, your music is the reason why I pursued DJ mixing as a hobby.

But EDM hasn’t occupied the usual public places it reigns in for a long time already because of the pandemic (well, at least here in the Philippines). Sure, I’m getting older, but I feel like I will still crave for the happiness I feel looking forward to ending a week of hard work with a fun-filled Friday night with blasting music, a little alcohol, and surely followed by some Mexican food after. I miss outside. I miss Friday nights. I miss EDM music. I miss singing and dancing to them in public with strangers and friends.

In the meantime, let’s just blast some Zedd music at home. Spotify‘s got us.


Emily in Paris is a show that you can’t really avoid, especially when it first aired on Netflix, since it became the most watched show during that time.

I was only convinced to watch it because of my brother’s girlfriend. We were once talking about my wish to experience moving abroad to work long-term at least once in my life, and she mentioned that I should watch. Emily in Paris because it’s also about moving abroad for work.

That’s it. I watched Emily in Paris.

I liked it more than the “moving abroad to work” plot. Emily’s outfits are on point, Lucas Bravo is so handsome, and the show is just simply feel-good. I believe Lily Collins was very fit to play the role of Emily.

Eventually, I started seeing a lot of backlash against Emily in Paris over the internet, saying that the show heavily romanticized Paris and the whole thing was so unrealistic. But is any TV show meant to be THAT realistic? I mean, it’s a show about a young woman working in the fashion industry. Are you going to show pickpockets and the dirty surroundings of Paris? I don’t think so.

Anyhoo, moving on to my point. Since the show was created by Darren Star (the same creator of Sex and the City) and the outfits were also handpicked by Patricia Field, everyone has high expectations about the show. Needless to say, I think all outfits worn by Lily Collins are amazing! Here are some of my favorite outfits of hers:

Lily Collins
LILY COLLINS OUTFIT IN EMILY IN PARIS: I love the printed button down! I’ll try to button my tops like this in the future. Image from Ent Scoop
Lily Collins
LILY COLLINS OUTFIT IN EMILY IN PARIS: I always love sundress but this long, and the black-yellow combo looks so elegant.Image from Ent Scoop
Lily Collins
LILY COLLINS OUTFIT IN EMILY IN PARIS: I think this is a classic Parisian look, especially the red beret.Image from Ent Scoop
Lily Collins
LILY COLLINS OUTFIT IN EMILY IN PARIS: Hmmm, maybe not the bucket hat, but the green coat is so chic.Image from Ent Scoop
Lily Collins
LILY COLLINS OUTFIT IN EMILY IN PARIS: OMG the dress! Need I say more?Image from Ent Scoop
Lily Collins
LILY COLLINS OUTFIT IN EMILY IN PARIS: Love her jeans in this scene, as well as the mini-blazer.Image from Ent Scoop

Btw, congrats on your wedding, Lily Collins! (Now that’s another elegant outfit!)

Just rambling as always,


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