TO ME, 2020 HASN’T ACTUALLY STARTED YET. But as they say, “The show must go on.” Are you spending quarantine in your hometowns? If so, tell me about these places, and convince me to see them. ☺

Taal Lake and Volcano (Talisay, Batangas)
Taal Lake and Volcano (Talisay, Batangas)

January was when Taal Volcano erupted and my hometown (which is by the Taal Lake) was directly affected. We had to relocate to the next province. The livelihood of the affected towns was zero and properties were destroyed. We had to slowly get things back to normal until February. March was when the Philippine government implemented the community quarantine. And just as when interesting things are about to unfold, career-wise, I spent the whole of April in a quarantine (like most of us) and getting emails about my future trips being postponed and cancelled one by one is just breaking my heart. πŸ’”

I could say I have the reasons to say this is too much, but hey, other people have their own battles, too. Maybe not in the version like I have, but everyone is practically fighting everyday to survive. We are always told what matters more is how we react to the situation. Hence, “the show must go on”. Like everybody else, I have to fight and survive. πŸ’ͺ🏻

In the photo is Taal Lake, and that landform above my head is the volcano, which is the smallest in the world. Our house is located 500m from this shore (which puts us in a permanent danger area, but don’t ask why people are allowed to live here, I don’t know the history). My hometown has turned from a very dangerous area to live to a safe area sheltering the residents against the pandemic. 🏑

Oh, btw, my hometown is Talisay, Batangas, which is a very small town south of Manila. Google it, but don’t get disappointed because you won’t see anything interesting. For me it’s a good thing. I want it to remain the peaceful hometown I would always go home to every weekend. πŸŒ…

My 2020 indeed hasn’t started yet. #NoRush, though! I want to take it slow day by day and watch myself grow until the world is ready again. πŸ’–

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