Spotify Playlists That I Listen to While Working

Listening to some music while working can actually make us either more focused or more distracted, it depends. In my case, it actually depends on what kind of work I’m doing. If I’m just doing something that does not require deep thinking or listening to my thoughts, I would usually not listen to upbeat songs or my favorite songs which I will end up just singing with. On the other hand, if I need to build some thoughts (like writing a research), I need a complete silence or songs that are just chill beats without vocals.

So without further ado, I’m sharing some of the Spotify playlists I listen to depending on what kind of work I’m doing. Enjoy!

Cruisin’ Love Songs

This playlist is for a Sunday Slow Rock vibes if you don’t have a choice but work on a weekend. You can listen to it on any time of the week, of course!

Cigarettes After Sex Discography

Dream pop/Ambient pop could be the most calming music for working, hence Cigarettes After Sex. The name of the band could be a little awkward, but I swear they have the best songs ever. You’ll need their songs for some calming music to take off the pressure of meeting deadlines.

Westlife the Twenty Tour Song Lineup (featuring songs by Queen)

I have attended the Westlife The Twenty Tour in Manila last 2019, and since then I still haven’t gotten over the feeling. They had a tribute medley for Queen and it made me love Queen songs even more. This playlist is best for some pump of energy if you’re too sleepy to work. You can even sing along with it!

H&M In Store Music

If you want a fashion show feels while working where you can move to the beat, this is the playlist for you. The electronic music they choose is not too loud. Remember, stores like H&M choose their music carefully so that people will stay more and check out more of their clothes.

Lo-Fi Covers

Thank goodness to the universe for having musicians who came up with lo-fi covers of our favorite songs from all decades! This playlist is perfect for a more relaxing, calm working day.

OPM Bands 90s-00s

Where you at, Filipino Millennials? Sometimes I would use this playlist to have a boost of motivation to work because of the happy nostalgia it brings from my childhood and teenage years.

BBC Radio One – Live Lounge

BBC Radio One Lounge and other Live Lounge songs are acoustic covers of other artists’ songs and this is perfect if you love Brit Pop and other pop songs.

It’s indeed a long week ahead for me, and for sure I’ll be listening to any of these playlist throughout the week.

Have a great week, friends!

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