Singapore is always a good idea

Since I started traveling around, I always find myself visiting Singapore over and over again. To be honest, I always going to Singapore. Singapore is always a good idea.

The last time I visited Singapore, Jewel Changi Airport just opened. It has the biggest indoor waterfall in the world, and needless to say, Singapore continues to amaze me.

Singapore is always a good idea

It was also the same year that a lot of new establishments, attractions, and hotels opened up in the country. The Hello Kitty Cafe, for instance, is a must-visit, whether or not you’re a Hello Kitty lover. I had the chance to stay in a very nice hotel, The Great Madras.

I will always feel excited about the idea of visiting Singapore. I am very willing to have a layover in Singapore every single time. Singapore always inspires me to be creative. Singapore is limited and limitless at the same time. I’m always going to be amazed by Singapore, even if there are a lot of similar countries. Singapore is always a good idea.

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