Right Where I Am Sitting

Inspired by Exploration #1 of Keri Smith’s book How To Be An Explorer of the World, I decided to try observing ten things about right where I am sitting right now that I hadn’t noticed when I sat down. Before that, here are some details:

  • Where I am sitting: my work station inside my apartment in the Philippines
  • Date: 1 February, 3:36 PM GMT+8
  • Weather: it’s sunny af outside (29 degrees Celsius)

And, here goes the list:

  1. I haven’t updated my weekly whiteboard calendar.
  2. I forgot to charge my ear buds.
  3. I am yet to paint my nails.
  4. My Laneige Cica Sleeping Mask has been sitting on my table for 2 weeks now and I always forget to use it.
  5. I need to take out my garbage.
  6. I haven’t sat in my bean bag at my reading corner since I got my very comfy pink gaming chair.
  7. I am hungry.
  8. I still can’t figure out where the ants on my desk are coming from.
  9. I’m starting to have backlogs on my art journal.
  10. It is so satisfying to be stepping on a faux fur mat while working.

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