Random Pages: Trip to Riga, Pasta 101, Animal Lover

RANDOM PAGES: 17-18 September 2022

On this Random Page, I talked about my past trip to Riga, Latvia, created a visual ode to the animal lover in myself, and tried to educate myself with different kinds of pasta.

Trip to Riga

Riga, Latvia
Riga, Latvia

Riga on a winter was gloomy af. It’s a beautiful city with lots of art nouveau architecture. There’s art everywhere, I think as an artist my soul will always feel alive. My hostel room was cheap af and it was comfy since I had a huge room all by to myself and the lady receptionist was nice. It was a peaceful trip. I would love to go back.

Me, 17 September 2022

Pasta 101*

*I got this cutout from Healthy Options newsletter that comes with their deliveries.


Long, flat noodles about 1/8″ wide. Best for tossing with sauce in tomato, pesto, or olive oil with seafood.


Short, c-shaped tubes. Best for baked dishes, salad, soups, macaroni and cheese.


Large, very broad, flat pasta. The large surface area and rough texture make pappardelle the perfect accompaniment to more robust sauces and ragus with seafood or meat.

Penne Rigate

small tubes that are typically 2-4″ long, available in white or tri-color. Best for tossing with sauce in chunky tomato, meat, cream or vegetables.


Small shell shape with an open cavity that collects sauce, seasoning, and meat. Best for baked dishes, salads, macaroni and cheese.

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