Random Pages: On Hotel Room teas, Starbucks Rewards, My Spotify Wrapped

RANDOM PAGES: 1 December 2022

On this Random Page, I talked about welcoming December, claiming my Starbucks Rewards, and my Spotify Wrapped.

Hi, December!

Welcoming December also meant making it to my last class day (or last in-campus class day) for the year. Since I am now based in the province and have been taking the bus to the campus, I developed the habit of keeping my bus tickets for keepsake.

That also meant close to finishing the novel The Bastard of Istanbul, a very brilliant novel by Elif Shafak which I read because of my recently-concluded trip to Türkiye. I remember starting to read it in 2021 because Istanbul has always intrigued me as a city, but I never had the chance to push for it until I actually went to visit Istanbul (which is, btw, a beautiful city).

“I am sooooo close to finishing ‘The Bastard of Istanbul’! I wish I’ve read it before my IST trip to appreciate the city and the culture better.

Me, 1 December 2022

Hotel Room Teas

Summit Hotel Tacloban‘s complimentary room tea is *drum roll* Dilmah! I always make it a point to keep the hotel room teas I did not consume for future spontaneous tea sessions (I just need hot water and my thermoflask, right?).

At the supermarket, I was able to see Clipper Tea (a brand that you will not usually find in Twinings and Lipton-dominated supermarkets in the country, let alone in the province of Leyte). I got one box of Snore & Peace Organic Chamomile Herbal Tea and it was delicious!

Free Cinnamon Bun!

Being based in the province meant less triggers to be tempted to enter a Starbucks store for me. I was actually surprised when I was notified that I am entitled for a free reward via email. I went to one of the Starbucks stores at Taft Avenue to claim my free cinnamon bun. Yay!

Always an Adventurer

Damn, my Spotify account knows me. Even my music taste is adventurous. ♥♥♥

You’re a seeker of sound. You venture out into the unknown, searching for fresher artists, deeper cuts, newer tracks—especially gems yet to be found.

ENVU: Exploration, Newness, Variety, Uniqueness

The Adventurer, Spotify Wrapped 2022

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