RAJA AMPAT TRAVEL GUIDE: 14 Exclusive Questions

Raja Ampat Travel Guide: Basic Information

Raja Ampat is an island group in Eastern Indonesia that is becoming more and more popular, especially with water and watersports activities, from diving, snorkeling, swimming, stand up paddling, and kayaking. Before coming to Raja Ampat, it is important to gear yourselves with some basic information in order to have a smoother experience. To help you with that, here are 14 major questions you have for a Raja Ampat travel guide that I have answered:

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What does Raja Ampat mean?

Raja Ampat literally means ‘The Four Kings’, refering to the main islands of Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati, and Misool.

Where is Raja Ampat located?

Raja Ampat Travel Guide: Location of Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is under the province of West Papua, Indonesia. It is located at the northwestern point of the easternmost island in Indonesia, Papua Island. It comprises around 1500 small islands and a popular diving site in Indonesia.

What is the language used in Raja Ampat?

Bahasa Indonesia is widely understood in Raja Ampat, and like in other parts of Indonesia, English is not widely spoken.

What is the religion in Raja Ampat?

Christianity is the dominant religion in Raja Ampat, but there are Muslim communities and communities practicing indigenous religions as well.

What is the currency used in Raja Ampat?

Raja Ampat uses the Indonesian Rupiah (Rp), and the exchange rate is around Rp13000 per USD.

What is the time zone in Raja Ampat?

Raja Ampat belongs to the GMT+9 time zone. It is one hour ahead of Bali and two hours ahead of Jakarta.

Raja Ampat is located very close to the equator, hence it is generally hot there. Temperature ranges from 21-30 degrees Celsius. The dry season is from June to September and the wet season is from December to March.

How safe is Raja Ampat?

Major tourist areas in Indonesia are generally safe, and the same applies to Raja Ampat. But of course, everyone is generally advised to always exercise caution wherever in the world we go. Specifically for diving, Raja Ampat is known to have big currents, hence inexperienced divers are discouraged from undertaking any activities in the islands.

How to go to Raja Ampat?

The nearest airport going to Raja Ampat is the Domine Eduard Osok Airport (SOQ) in Sorong, which is one of the busiest airports on the Bird’s Head Peninsula. This serves as the major entry point to Raja Ampat. There are no international flights operating in this airport, however if you are coming from outside Indonesia, your best transit points will be either Jakarta or Surabaya.

Where to stay in Raja Ampat?

Hostels in Raja Ampat

Hostels in Raja Ampat are not very common, however you can consider staying in this one beautiful hostel in Raja Ampat:

Kakatua Hostel

Guest Houses in Raja Ampat

Erens Guest House

Sandy Guesthouse

Homestays in Raja Ampat

Alter Native Stay

Turtle Homestay

Napoleon Sawandarek Homestay

Marko Homestay

Sunset Homestay

Manta Homestay R4

Mambetron Homestay

Sun Home Stay

DaniARB Homestay

Arborek Homestay

Kordiris Homestay

Cheap Accommodation in Raja Ampat

Cheap accommodation in Raja Ampat are not very common as more homestays and guesthouses are prevaletn, however you can consider staying in these mid-range hotels in Raja Ampat:

Gurara Dive Resort Raja Ampat

Hamueco Raja Ampat Resort

Luxury Accommodation in Raja Ampat

Luxury accommodation in Raja Ampat are not very common as more homestays and guesthouses are prevaletn, however you can consider staying in these luxury hotels in Raja Ampat:

Raja Ampat Dive Lodge

Sareni Raja Ampat

Meridian Adventure Marina Club and Resort

Raja Ampat Dive Resort

What can non-divers do in Raja Ampat?

While Raja Ampat is famous for water activities like diving, snorkeling, kayaking, kitesurfing, and many more, non-divers can also enjoy the beauty and experiences it offers.

Here are some activities non-divers could do in Raja Ampat:

Catch the sunrise and sunset

What can be better than seeing breathtaking sunrise and sunset in a beautiful place like Raja Ampat? Mansuar Island is the best place for sunrise and sunset in Raja Ampat.

Go hiking

You can explore and see Raja Ampat in top view by hiking! Popular hiking spots include Piaynemo and Kabui Bay

See the Batanta Island Waterfalls

Raja Ampat is also home to beautiful waterfalls like Batanta Waterfalls.

Admire the beauty of Batu Pensil

Go to Pasir Timbul Sand Bar

Go island-hopping

Swim or snorkel


Friwen Wall is a popular snorkeling spot in Raja Ampat.

Go birdwatching and observe the wildlife in the forest

A popular bird worth seeing in Raja Ampat is Cendrawasih or the bird of paradise which can be found in Sawinggrai Village. Other popular birds to watch out for are sunbirds, beach kingfishers, raja shelducks, and willie wagtails. Hornbills are also common at Batanta Island.

Popular places in Raja Ampat for birdwatching include Waigeo, Gam, Kri, Mansuar, and Urai.

Have a food trip or food crawl

Raja Ampat is a good source of so many fresh seafood cuisine. But you can also try some local food such as papeda (sago starch porridge).

Are there any guide books published about Raja Ampat?

Yes! It’s entitled Diving and Snorkeling Guide to Raja Ampat and Northeast Indonesia by Tim Rock and Simon Pridmore.

Where to eat in Raja Ampat?

Dapur Berkat Seafood Restaurant

Misool Filling Station

Engineering Coffee

Is there a nightlife in Raja Ampat?

There are a few small resto bars with karaoke around, but after a day of exploring the islands, you might want to have a rest instead.

Are there hospitals around Raja Ampat?

Yes, there are, such as Kota Waisai in Waisai and Angkatan Laut Naval Hospital in Sorong.

Do you have other Raja Ampat travel guide questions?

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In the meantime, I hope this simple Raja Ampat travel guide helped you in any way for preparing your trip. Happy and safe travels!

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