Where to Eat in Tomas Morato Area: Papa Kim’s Korean Bakery and Coffee

I am a frequent diner at Tomas Morato area and there is so much to recommend there — from Filipino restaurants, to Korean BBQ, to fine dining. However, if you want a chill Korean night with your friends while sharing some delicious food and drinks, I know such a place: Papa Kim’s Korean Bakery and Coffee.

Papa Kim's Korean Bakery and Coffee

Papa Kim’s Korean Bakery and Coffee is situated along Tomas Morato Avenue in Quezon City and they offer a vast selection of menu items, from starters, main dishes, drinks, and desserts.

Upon entering the place, you will be pleasantly greeted by their staff. Their interior really gives you a bakery vibe with the presence of brown chairs and the brick designs on their wall. Also, the music in the restaurant are your favorite K-Pop hits and K-Drama OSTs. Very Korean! 🙂

Papa Kim's Korean Bakery and Coffee

What I loved about Papa Kim’s is that they offer a wide selection of drinks. If you love something caffeinated, you can choose among the coffee frappes as well as the hot and iced coffee drinks. If you love cream-based drinks, they also have them in frappes. They also offer milk teas and fruit drinks, among others.

Papa Kim's Korean Bakery and Coffee

Since Papa Kim’s is also a bakery, they offer a lot of fresh breads, and the bread lover in me was really, really happy!

Papa Kim's Korean Bakery and Coffee

Papa Kim’s Korean Bakery and Coffee: The Food


What caught my attention upon entering the restaurant is the presence of bear pillows by the counter, and I was informed that they serve cute bear breads that come in different flavors.

Papa Kim's Korean Bakery and Coffee

Chocolate Bear Bread

The chocolate bear bread is soft and the chocolate filling is not that sweet.

The Custard Bear Bread

The custard bear bread is one of my favorites! It is so rich in custard filling.


For the bulgogi sandwiches, you can choose among chicken and beef and you can choose if you prefer a soft bread (bioche) or a hard bread (baguette).

Beef Bulgogi

The beef bulgogi sandwich here in Papa Kim’s is a unique concept for me because I am used to bulgogi meals which are served with rice. I never knew bulgogi can also be yummy with some bread and potato chips!


Papa Kim’s also serve pasta and ice cream and these are something worth-trying.

Creamy Pesto

I am a pesto lover and I just cannot miss trying the creamy pesto here at Papa Kim’s. I love how the creaminess of the pesto is just right and I am happy with the amount of Parmesan cheese in the pesto. I also love the garlic bread! Yum!

Smoggy Ice Cream

Papa Kim’s ice cream is vanila with sprinkles and is served with some iced tea. It will be given to you while smoking (because there is dry ice in the bottom of the glass), hence the term ‘smoggy’ ice cream.


Berry Cheesecake

This is highly-recommended is one of the bestsellers of Papa Kim’s.


Another specialty of Papa Kim’s in the cream-based frappe section.


I was not able to try the coffee drinks of Papa Kim’s but it is something that you should not miss. Their coffee is available in so (small), jung (medium), and dae (large).


Another specialty of Papa Kim’s is their unique selection of cakes, which are available in both slices and whole.

Blueberry Cheesecake

I am a lover of blueberry cheesecakes and all of them tastes the same. But this one, it tastes different. A must-try indeed.

Choco Cream Cheesecake

I love it when the chocolate is not really that sweet, and is complemented with just the right amount of creaminess.

Fresh Fruit Cake

I highly recommend this cake because it tastes so creamy and you will taste a lot of fresh fruits inside it. Yum!!

Why am I recommending Papa Kim’s Korean Bakery and Coffee again?

If you love a chill night out with your friends and/or family with some Korean music and a great selection of food (whether you want to eat heavy or just have some bread and dessert), then Papa Kim’s is the perfect place for you. The place is very accessible with public transportation and has a very comfortable interior. You can also have a wide selection of breads which you can take home. They offer 50% discount on breads from 9PM to 11PM. How cool is that?

Papa Kim’s Korean Bakery and Coffee Contact Information

264 Tomas Morato Avenue corner Scout Fernandez Street, Quezon City

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