On Feminism: Women Ain’t Just Work in the Kitchen (Magazine Cutout Poetry)

Magazine Cutout Poetry The New Yorker
Women Ain’t Just Work in the Kitchen

You heard me.

We also have careers, we also have hobbies, we are also doctors, teachers, and lawyers.

Yes, we are the ones tasked to give birth to human beings, but it doesn’t mean we should give up our whole lives to raise them.

We can also provide income to the household. We can earn more than husbands, and there should be nothing wrong with it.

We can also be astronauts, construction workers, and truck drivers. We are allowed to carry the same barbells as men in gyms.

We don’t need to be offered seats in trains and buses. We can assemble curtain blinds and tables on our own. Instruction manuals are not gender-sensitive.

We can research about polar bears, cancers, and the Marianas trench. We can be National Heroes and high ranking military officials.

So no, we just don’t work in the kitchen.

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