Neighborhood Travel Guide: Eastern District, Hong Kong

Eastern District Hong Kong includes the highly developed northeastern part of Hong Kong Island, including North Point, Quarry Bay, Sai Wan Ho, and Chai Wan, and has little fame. It’s mostly residential and lacks the atmospheric old lanes of the Midwestern Hong Kong Island. But hard-working people find cheap restaurants, quiet hiking trails, and secret art studios

Quarry Bay Park and Promenade

EASTERN DISTRICT HONG KONG: Quarry Bay Pack Promenade. Image from

Watch local life unfold in this popular waterfront park. Strollers along the promenade watch junk and fishing boats swaying across Victoria Harbor, children climb the museum stairs that have turned into historic fireboats, older men practice Tai Chi, and Instagrammers are blooming cherry blossoms. Look for a tree.

Chun Yeung Street Market

EASTERN DISTRICT HONG KONG: Chun Yeung Street Market. Image from

Because the tram tracks run through this bustling open-air food market, fruit stores, fish stores, and butchers regularly set aside as “dindin” (locals call it a tram) passes by. Fly to. A place to look for Fujian specialties, the ancestors of many locals in the neighborhood.

Eslite Spectrum

EASTERN DISTRICT HONG KONG: Eslite Spectrum. Image from

This Taiwanese bookstore chain at the luxury city plaza shopping mall We have opened a two-story, 4650-square-meter (50,000-square-foot) megastore that sells books, clothing, gifts, and “lifestyle” items. Look for handmade Taiwanese herbal soaps, French organic ginger candies, gorgeous German fountain pens, cute Japanese paper tape shelves and more.

Sunbeam Theatre

EASTERN DISTRICT HONG KONG: Sunbeam Theatre. Image from

Most of the Cantonese opera fans Older crowds endure this retro theater living in the 1970s. Opera performances can last for more than three hours, and elaborate costumes and plots are often based on Chinese legends.

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Qinghai Tibetan Noodles

EASTERN DISTRICT HONG KONG: Qinghai Tibetan Noodles. Image from

A huge bowl of oiled beef noodles, finely chopped cumin lamb chops, and roasted garlic green skewers are coveted in this constantly crowded alley. English is not written on the signboard. The last restaurant in the alley.

On Lee Noodle Soup

EASTERN DISTRICT HONG KONG: On Lee Noodle Soup. Image from

Lunchtime is this unpretentious Chachanten (Hong Kong fat) popular in Cantonese cuisine, including fishball noodles, milk tea, white toast with butter and condensed milk. Spoon) zoo.

Mt Parker Hike

EASTERN DISTRICT, HONG KONG: Mt Parker Hike. Image from

Some hiking trails Is the eastern district to the top of this peak. The narrow, lush trails from Taiku are quiet, but the easiest way is to climb the Parker Mountains straight from Quarry Bay. The view of the mountaintop is especially beautiful at night.

MingCha Tea House

EASTERN DISTRICT, HONG KONG: Mingcha Tea House. Image from

Tea lovers head to this hidden store in the industrial area of ​​Chai Wan to buy a pouch of fragrant jasmine and earthen Pu’er tea. increase. Despite its humble location, MingCha is consistently rated as one of the top teahouses in the world. An English-speaking tea tasting workshop will send you home like an expert.

MOM Livehouse

EASTERN DISTRICT, HONG KONG: Mom Livehouse. Image from

Located in the basement of a shopping mall, this unusual live indie music venue attracts music geeks in their twenties and occasionally celebrities. Chatting with the nodding man or woman next door can give you great tips on the local music scene.

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