My Experience Staying At The Hotel Indigo Helsinki – Boulevard

Hotel Indigo Helsinki Boulevard is a boutique hotel in the heart of Helsinki City Centre that is part of the Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG). The hotel has a very modern design and gives you an experience of Finnish hospitality, nature, and culture. The hotel is located in a very strategic location. It is just a short walk from the Central Railway Station and many establishments and tourist spots, such as Senate Square and the Senate Building. Hotel Indigo As a solo traveler, I could recommend staying in this hotel. The room I stayed in was very spacious and has a wide window that has a nice view of the city.

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Hotel Indigo has always been part of my travels because I am always curious as to how the boutique hotel chain has incorporated the different unique elements of the city into their chic, modern design. To be honest, Hotel Indigo Helsinki Boulevard did not fail me in this aspect.

The hotel has a cozy and welcoming atmosphere

That cold winter day, I had a long flight from Athens to Helsinki, followed by a long Uber ride from Helsinki Airport to the City Centre. The location of the hotel was really impressive since it was right in the middle of the city and surrounded by necessary facilities. The receptionist will happily greet you upon entering and will provide you a smooth check-in experience. The Receptionist said that the room on the topmost floor with the nicest view of the city happened to be vacant and she willingly assigned me to that room. It was a lovely gesture which I highly appreciate. The lobby area seemed a little small, however you will not fail to miss its beautiful interior design.

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I noticed that they have a box of face masks on the reception (I stayed there during the pandemic), and apparently it was free. Among all the hotels I have stayed in Finland (or in Europe for that matter), this was the only hotel generous enough to give out face masks to their guests. It was very timely for me since I ran out of face masks already and some establishments require you to wear masks when entering.

The perfect location for exploring the city

A walk around the nearby blocks would show you different establishments, including a nearby tram stop, convenience stores, fast food restaurant (in case you’re craving for Hesburger), and even a hospital. There was a park right across the street from the hotel, and the Senate Square is just a 15-minute walk from the hotel.

The most stylish and unique hotel in town

I love the mural in my room! Hotel Indigo Helsinki Boulevard is so artsy that I took time to observe the interior design around the hotel. I did not only enjoy my stay but I did bring home some creative inspirations as well. Although, I did not see any art/decor unique to Finland unlike the other Indigo branches that I have stayed in. However, that’s totally okay. πŸ™‚

The friendly and helpful staff

The staff will be happy to provide you with any information you need navigating around the neighborhood and the city. Aside from being given a nice room I do have another unforgettable experience in the hotel. That experience made me appreciate the Finnish hospitality.

Having stayed in other Hotel Indigo branches in Europe, I noticed that they had Nespresso machines in the rooms. They also have different choices of coffee capsules (which I was glad to see since I was abstaining from coffee). My room had a selection of nice tea and powdered coffee in the rooms, but there was no decaf coffee. It was late night and I took chances calling the reception to ask if they have decaf coffee. They promised to return the call.

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After a few minutes, someone knocked on my door. The receptionist brought me powdered decaf coffee in a cup and apologized because the powder sachets/sticks are out of stock. It was a nice gesture that she went the extra mile in the middle of the night. I appreciated that a lot. I was feeling guilty that I did not at least get the names of the hospitable staff during my stay.

Hotel Indigo Helsinki Boulevard: Rooms with a view of the city skyline

Hotel Indigo Helsinki Boulevard
View from my room at Hotel Indigo Helsinki Boulevard

It was early winter and snow was starting to fall. My beautiful room has a very wide window where you can just stare at the city view and enjoy the moment. My stay at Hotel Indigo Helsinki Boulevard was definitely one of the highlights of my trip to Finland.

Overall, I had a wonderful stay at Hotel Indigo Helsinki Boulevard!

If you want to experience the best that Helsinki has to offer, then you need to stay in this hotel. From the moment you arrive to the moment you check out, you will be treated nicely. The rooms are modern and chic, and the staff is incredibly friendly and helpful. I had an incredible stay at the Hotel Indigo Helsinki Boulevard, and I know you will too.

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