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As a coffee lover, I have always been rummaging the online world to look for a new coffee experience in Manila (at least whenever I’m stuck here and not traveling). I came across an Australian coffee brand that was introduced to the Philippines: Monkeyspeak Coffee. Since then, I’ve been wanting to try their products.

I found out through their Instagram account that they are participating in a bazaar at Bonifacio Global City, and I thought that is my best chance to have a taste of their coffee. I met Vic, the owner of Monkeyspeak Coffee, and he was able to give me a walk through of his cool business.

The welcome chalkboard at Monkeyspeak Booth!

About Monkeyspeak Coffee

The coffee capsule

Monkeyspeak Coffee products are contained in capsules and are being prepared in single serves using the capsule machines. The business is founded in 2016 and is based in Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, but can serve all over the Philippines and beyond.  They directly source their capsules and coffee equipment from highly regarded roasters and manufacturers. They also offer catering services for events and seminars and conferences.

Their coffee is made of 100% arabica and ranges from espresso coffee capsules, ristretto coffee capsules, lungo coffee capsules, decaf coffee capsules, and chocolate shots.

The Bestsellers

The bestsellers of Monkeyspeak Coffee include the ristretto coffee capsules mixed with chocolate shots. I was able to taste it and I guarantee you, it is super yummy!

Barista Expresso Chocolate Shot

How To Prepare a Monkeyspeak Coffee Drink?

Simple! All you need to have is the coffee machine, the coffee capsule/s, and your favorite cup to experience the tastiness of their coffee.

Can’t wait for my coffee!

You can refer to their customized menu to experiment on different types of coffee.

The Monkeyspeak Customized Menu

Available Products

Monkeyspeak Coffee sells both coffee capsules and the machines. Below are the details of the products and their prices:

The Elfin

It is one of the smallest coffee capsules ever made. It has an elegant and modern design which is super compact, simple, and easy to use. It is specifically-designed for coffee capsules.

The Elfin

The Expressi – Stainless Steel

This milk frother has a stylish design perfect for your interior designing needs. It froths hot and cold milk and has a ‘v’ sprout for latte art.

The Expressi

The Aeroccino IV

It is a sleek and stylish milk frother which has a non-slip design and low-noise operation. Perfect for offices and homes. It can also serve as a warmer.

The Aeroccino IV

Monkeyspeak Coffee has a new range of products which is called the Podista. Of course, they are also Nespresso-compatible capsules and are proudly Australian.

Monkeyspeak Products

This experience reminded me of a colleague from Australia, who, when we attended a conference in Surabaya, Indonesia, I found out that he brought his entire coffee making equipment! He loves making his own coffee, and he was able to prepare me a yummy flat white coffee. With this and with my Monkeyspeak Coffee experience, I now realize why some Australians like my colleague love making their own coffee. Don’t worry, I encouraged him to try other coffee, too, like the ones produced in Indonesia and the Philippines.

Monkeyspeak Coffee Contact Information

If you happen to have inquiries about Monkeyspeak Coffee, they can be reached thru the details below:
(+63) 0 917 579 1968
(+63) 0 995 502 7452 (Globe)
(+63) 0 999 500 6644 (Smart)

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