Memories from a Tinder Date

During my last night in Helsinki, I decided to meet people and test the notorious introvertedness of Finns. It was a very interesting night — a very long conversation about craft beers, career, love, the Finnish higher education system, the immigration landscape in Finland, horror YouTube channels, Moomin, ethnicities, past experiences — ahh, I could go on and on. We never saw nor talked again after that night, but I’m glad I pushed myself to go out there only for a day.

About four months after that date, I stumbled upon the notes section of my Samsung phone, and I realized the guy doodled and scribbled some randomness when he decided to play with my S Pen:

I sincerely don’t know how my phone ended up in this guy’s hands, and why I allowed such thing. I can’t read nor interpret half of it, but every bit of that interesting day will be in my memory for life. Definitely one for the books!

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