Mayon Backpackers Hostel: An Absolutely Nice Hostel in Legazpi City (Review)

My first solo domestic travel via plane is at Legazpi City where I stayed at Mayon Backpackers Hostel where I had a really good time. The staff are really kind and accommodating. I was supposed to check-in at 1pm but I arrived a little early yet they entertained me and allowed me to stay at the common area while they are preparing the room for check-in.

I stayed at the Rizal Room. It has three bunk beds and a bathroom and is airconditioned. I only paid Php700 for two nights (update: their current rate as of November 2017 for this room is Php450/night). You have to pay upon check-in. Since it is an off-peak season and few people are checked-in when I came, I had the whole room for the first night by myself. How cool was that? Other guests started arriving the next day, including a group of friends from Sta. Maria, Laguna and a millennial Chinese businesswoman. They are a fun crowd which put color in my second night of stay at the hostel.

Mayon Backpackers Hostel
Mayon Backpackers Hostel

I was not expecting anything for breakfast since I paid a relatively cheap amount for the accommodation, but they actually provide you with hot pandesal, banana, and coffee. It really made me happy aside from the fact that the hostel provides you a homey feel.

Upon check-out, the staff will ask you to have your photo taken so that you can be part of this photo wall featuring all of their guests around the world. <3

Mayon Backpackers Hostel

My overall rating for the hostel? 10/10. The best.

Oh, btw, there is a view of the Mayon Volcano by the hostel rooftop.

How to get to Mayon Backpackers Hostel?

From the airport, ride a tricycle going to Albay Cathedral and you can walk your way to San Diego Street (where the hostel is) from there.

Mayon Backpackers Hostel Map
Photo from

Diego Silang Street, Barangay 11
Maoyod Subdivision, Old Albay, Legazpi City
Facebook: MayonBackpackers

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