A Sneak Peek of Matutinas Gerry’s Seafood House Menu

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So one Sunday, my family and I decided to have a mini road trip from Manila to visit the Manaoag Shrine in Pangasinan. It will be my first time to set foot in a new province, so I was very excited.

Manaoag Church is unsurprisingly crowded given that it’s a Sunday. Having heard about the miracles of Our Lady of Manaoag, it feels surreal to have actually seen her in person. I am also always up for observing how devotees express their adoration to Our Lady of Manaoag.

I stumbled upon the Museo de Nuestra de Senora de Manaoag, and the history lover in me who wanted to know more information about the Our Lady of Manaoag, did not hesitate at all to check out the place.

What to do after a visit to Manaoag Shrine? Eat at Matutinas Gerry’s Seafood House!

My family decided to grab some food somewhere along the way, and we heard about this popular restaurant in Pangasinan called Matutinas Gerry’s Seafood House. We actually went to a different Matutinas restaurant at first, but we transferred to Matutinas Gerry’s.

When we visited Matutinas Gerry’s, they have a buffet promotion going on. The restaurant was crowded, but we decided to just order plated servings since we are not going to spend a long time in the restaurant.

This is the signage of the buffet promotion at Matutinas Gerry’s which I grabbed from their Facebook page, for your reference. ๐Ÿ™‚


Matutinas Gerry’s Seafood House Menu

So, shall we proceed to checking out what people have been trying out at Matutinas Gerry’s Seafood House?

Bangus Sisig

Ensaladang Pusit



Turon with Ice Cream

Tortang Talaba

Kilawin Oysters


Buko Pandan


Crispy Pata



Mango Salad with Bagoong


Grilled Liempo

Buttered Crab


Adobong Pusit

Buttered Shrimp


Binagoongang Crispy Pata

Bangus Kilawin

Inihaw Platter

Matutinas Gerry’s Seafood House Contact Information

Barangay Nancayasan, Urdaneta, Pangasinan
0923 726 3404

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