Marinduque Fiasco: Never Traveling Cheap Again

Marinduque, Philippines
Sunrise at Maniwaya Island, Marinduque, Philippines

Those suspiciously cheap travel packages you randomly see in social media? Think twice before booking a tour with them.

Sure, everything is included: food, transportation, accommodation, and other fees. If it’s very cheap, it’s too good to be true.

Perhaps it’s my mistake doing it even if I know something’s not right. Perhaps I just happened to be booked on a holiday where traveling is usually stressful. Perhaps this unregistered travel agency just sucks.

One, we caught a very bad holiday traffic on the road, so our whole itinerary in the next three days got messed up. Two, apparently they overbooked the resort (it’s crowded af like a market). Three, I paid to stay in a dorm-type air conditioned room, but since there was a scarcity of space, I just volunteered to sleep in a tent. Four, there was no water supply, no proper shower room and restroom, and we were forced to take a shower with our clothes on outside. Five, the tourist spots are overcrowded. Six, we traveled back to the mainland later than planned, and the waves were huge. Seven, we axed out one spot at the itinerary (the only good thing I was looking forward to that day) because there’s no more time. Eight, the whole coordination thing about what time to gather around and leave was so shitty.

I was soooo over number 8, so I left the group and took the bus going home. I can’t take it anymore.

It was a travel package to Maniwaya Island in Marinduque. Luckily for the travel agency, I already forgot their name.

To be fair, the island was beautiful, though.

Just think twice before doing this group travel thingy. The cheaper option, most of the time, is not the best option.

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