A (Photo) Walk Around the Block: Little India Singapore

I had a very interesting photo walk at Little India Singapore and here are my thoughts.

A layover at Singapore is something I always look forward to in specific trips because I always love visiting Singapore with every chance I get. My trip to Myanmar with Singapore Airlines came with an overnight layover in Singapore since there are no direct flights from Manila to anywhere in Myanmar.

But anyway, I talked about my layover in Singapore experience in another blog, but here I just want to reflect on my first encounter at Singapore’s Little India.


Being the most stingy traveler that I am back when I was a broke government employee slash graduate student, I typed “Singapore Little India” at agoda.com and sorted the results from the cheapest to the most expensive, and booked the cheapest hotel, no questions asked. I scored an obviously not-so-fancy hotel along Serangoon Road.

I can say the location was a little jackpot because it made all my navigation throughout the Little India Singapore area very convenient because it’s close to almost every major street art and tourist sites. I woke up very, very early because I always want to enjoy walking around in peace and take clear landscape and shots of everything without all the people at the background.


I went to visit the small mall in front of my hotel and waited for it to open so that I can have some currencies exchanged, in case I will come across something interesting to buy or to eat, or in case I need to take some transportation while going around.

I started walking around Little India Singapore and I can’t help but notice how having such vibrant colors in their houses and establishments are naturally part of their culture. I love colorful things. Color makes me feel alive. I feel happy seeing colorful things.

Without any plan in mind, I went around. I saw closed shops. I saw a few people already grinding before sunrise. I saw people cleaning the streets. I saw people going to temples to pray.

I was listening to Mark Manson’s podcast because I love his books and his online content, but when he said that Singapore is all about infrastructure and no culture (he called the country ‘soulless!), I WAS FURIOUS. The island of Singapore is so small and yet obviously he has not been around.

Singapore is full of culture. Singapore has a very rich history. I will always be willing to bet my life in defending the idea that Singapore has a lot to offer, more than the glitz and glamor of Marina Bay Sands, the very futuristic Jewel Changi Airport, and the very efficient train system. I have been to Singapore countless times, and I am already past the phase of romanticizing every part of it because I’ve seen many parts of it. Sure, it’s still not perfect just like any other countries in the world, but if given a chance, I would want to live here, experience more of Singapore, and get to know it better.

Perhaps I should write more about Singapore and the things that other people failed to observe. Perhaps Little India Singapore and other unseen parts of Singapore need more appreciation. I have big dreams to document all my travels in this website for the world to see, but for some reason I don’t understand why I find it hard to gather some inspiration. I’ll try my best, I promise


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