Lanterna Hotel in Boracay Island, Philippines (Review)


I arrived at Caticlan Airport on a very rainy morning and I was really tired from the travel. Moreover, I was a little sad about not being able to enjoy Boracay because of the weather, hence I was just looking forward to a nice staycation experience at least for that particular day. Thankfully, the place I stayed on my first day in Boracay was just perfect!

Boracay, Aklan Accommodation: Lanterna Hotel

Lanterna Hotel is one of the many accredited hotels in Boracay by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). It is located very near the Bolabog Beach, a beach that is also worth exploring aside from the White Beach. It is owned by an Italian-Filipino family who were very, very hospitable. I arrived in the morning so it means I still cannot check-in, but the owners were kind enough to welcome me to the dining lounge to rest and chill while waiting for the check-in time. I was able to order my breakfast which was a really good and satisfying one.

The Check-In Process

Lanterna Hotel has a very efficient check-in process. You can book your reservation directly through email or through third party reservation websites such as Agoda. At the reception area by the entrance, the owners/staff on duty will check your reservation and will assist you to the dining area to prepare for your check-in. While waiting, I was able to chat with the owner (the mom) about the weather in Boracay, her life in Boracay since the 1980s, and the like. After a few minutes, the room was ready for check-in.

The Room

I stayed in a Studio Type room which was so beautiful! Everything you needed is in there. I actually don’t know where to begin looking. But okay, let’s start with the kitchen.

Look at this kitchen! Everything is color green, all utensils and equipment that you might need are already here. I just wish I could cook and I could stay longer, but I guarantee that this place is perfect for those who want to have a long-term stay in Boracay.

The bathroom was huge and so clean. They provide everything you need in there, from the different types of towels to toiletries. It was like a 5-star hotel bathroom without the tub.

The bed and the rest of the room was really cozy. The bed was nice and the sheets are comfy. There is a flat screen TV with a good cable reception. There is a rack for your clothes and a vault for your valuables. There is also a mini reception area with a nice set of table and chairs. The mini balcony outside allows you to hang your clothes and swimsuits after a day at the beach.

Bolabog Beach

Since Lanterna Hotel is only a few walks away from Bolabog Beach, I decided to check it out and walk at the beach shore. There were only a few people at the area so I was able to enjoy the view. The weather is not so sunny (thankfully!) so I was able to stay and take photos.

The Hosted Dinner

What is unique about Lanterna Hotel is that they have a hosted dinner by the owners. It is a night of not only socializing with the owners and other guests of the hotel, but also to taste a legit Italian food! They have no specific menu for dinner, but you can choose if you want a vegetarian, pescetarian, or a meat-based meal. The meals were cooked by the owner (the Dad) who was an Italian chef. In my case, I chose a pescetarian meal and it was one of the best dinners I had.

I had home-baked bread as a starter which was really good.

The appetizers were so good that I feel so full already.

And for the main course, a super yummy seafood pasta!

The dessert was sooooo delicious!

The idea of a hosted dinner and the food were so good, but the conversation I had with one of the owners (the daughter), was priceless. We were able to talk about so many things – the places we went to, our passion projects, our jobs, our education, and life in general. After all, this is why I travel. I want to meet people and hear different stories of anything under the sun.


Yes, Lanterna Hotel may not be located near the very popular White Beach like the others, but the fact that it is located in another nice but quieter beach is something you can also consider. Lanterna Hotel has only 6 rooms, hence you can experience a very customized and high-quality service from the management and staff. It was my first day in Boracay when I stayed in this place and I already felt belong and safe in the island. Their services (especially the hosted dinner) is something that is not offered by any other place I know, that is why if you want to have a unique experience in Boracay, you should definitely consider checking in at Lanterna Hotel. Thumbs up!

Lanterna Hotel Contact Information

Lanterna Hotel
491 Bolabog Road, Boracay Island, Aklan

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