Okaaay, vacation is over! It’s time for me to go back to Manila (aka the real world) to resume working at the start of the week. It was a refreshing (but a little stressful and triggering) week in Batangas, but I find maximum convenience and comfort working in my space in Manila.

My siblings and I traversed to three cities: Caloocan (we dropped off our cousin), Pasay (went grocery shopping), and Manila (where they dropped me off).

I actually never thought of taking (street) photos inside the car using my Fujifilm camera, because, as I always mention, I have been very comfortable using my Samsung smartphone for years already.

So I gave it a try. Since I already learned the differences between AF-C, AF-S, and Manual, I was able to practice myself adjusting the shutter speed under a great deal of pressure since I’m taking photos inside a moving vehicle and with moving subjects. What a challenge!

Oh, I used the Fujifilm XA3 kit lens (XC 16-50mm zoom). Here are the results:

A jeepney driver smoking inside his jeepney somewhere in Blumentritt, Manila.
A boy leaning by a post in Manila.
A man pointing to a vehicle while talking to someone in Manila.
A garbage collector traversing Quezon Bridge in Manila.
A social distancing police during the Sunday Mass at Quiapo Church, Manila.
A woman sampaguita vendor at Quiapo Church, Manila.
Staff of UP-PGH Manila building up their Christmas Tree.
A man along Taft Avenue, Manila.
A staff of a bus company waiting for passengers for a provincial bus trip to Laguna/Batangas.

These may not be my best photos, but hey! It was a challenging one. Also, I am slowly appreciating how to edit RAW files, so I have a strong feeling I’m so getting better at photography in general.

Meanwhile, here’s a snippet of our grocery shopping and my super quick workout before going to sleep (because I was feeling extra that night aka I ate a lot lol).

I would love to go photowalking again, but I am patiently waiting until it’s really safe to go out. Peace out!

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