How to Visit an Art Museum

Don’t capture the artwork itself, but your experience of it.
Johan Idema, How to Visit an Art Museum

Even before I majored in Politics and got obsessed with history, culture, anthropology, and the arts, among others, I have been visiting museums since time immemorial because I feel intelligent about it. We all have our experiences going to museums for educational trips in school, but my most memorable one was when our high school quiz bee coach brought the team to the Tanauan City Museum and Library.

Since then, I vowed to visit as many museums as I can. I don’t care what kind of museum they are, as long as I’ll be a different person when I come out of it.

Art museums are comforting and brain-twisting places. It induces our imagination and lets us reflect about ourselves based on how we interpret every piece of art. As a creator and consumer of the arts, I’m aware of the wide range of experiences that art museums can provide to the people.

Taking pictures is a way of connecting to and participating in the art.
Johan Idema, How to Visit an Art Museum

I have an overwhelming amount of photos from different museums I visited all over Asia, and honestly I don’t know what to do with them. Nonetheless, I believe one day I’ll be glad I took lots of photos of them so that I have something to go back to.

I’ll be reflecting again on the museums and artworks I visited if I have time and I want people to have a second hand experience of my own, so watch out.

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