Where to Stay in Bagan, Myanmar: Golden Crown Motel (Review)

(This is a non-sponsored review of Golden Crown Motel Bagan and everything written here is an honest account of my stay there. I have also researched other Bagan hotels and you can check them down below!)

Myanmar has been becoming a more popular tourist destination, hence the presence of more and more cheap hotels in Myanmar are on the rise.

During my Myanmar backpacking adventure, we took a night bus from Mandalay going to Bagan, but there is I think an option to take the train. What we had is a mini-bus and the trip took around 4 hours, including a short stopover to a small eatery (called carinderia in Filipino) where I was able to drink a legit Myanmar beer.

Golden Crown Motel Bagan stopover

When we reached Old Bagan area, other tourists in the bus started to alight the bus one by one because we are already passing by a street occupied with Bagan hotels and hostels. When one of our companions mentioned that we are alighting at Golden Crown Motel Bagan (one of the hotels in Nyaung U area), the bus attendant seem to be clueless about the location of the place. After a few minutes of driving around and seeing other Bagan hotels in Nyaung U, we were able to reach our destination. Obviously, it is not located where most Bagan hotels are concentrated.

Golden Crown Motel Bagan facade

We reserved rooms for 2 nights at Golden Crown Motel Bagan. I must say that hotel is so homey that it gives you a very comfortable and ‘provincial’ feels. The rooms are clean, the comfort room is spacious, and the staff were really friendly and helpful, especially in instances such as:

  1. When we left our key inside the room, the staff was helpful enough to climb a tree just outside the windows of our room to get in (because, yeah, there is no other choice haha).
  2. Our check-out time is 12 noon, but we stayed at the lobby for how many hours because our ride to Yangon will be around 5PM. The staff on duty was kind enough to offer us a room for free while we are waiting for our ride to Yangon.
Golden Crown Motel Bagan lobby

Checking In

Checking in was short and easy if you have prior reservation. You will be provided with your key and you will be assisted in going to your respective rooms. The receptionist and other staff do not understand English that much, hence we just downloaded a mobile app translating words to their language and just flash them the translations (because, of course, we are in their country and we will be the ones to adjust).

Golden Crown Motel Bagan Lobby

The Room

We were assigned a dorm room because there are 5 of us. The rooms give a homey feel and is spacious enough to accommodate all 5 occupants. I’m not sure if other hotels in Nyaung U offer such kind of option, but if you are traveling in groups, Golden Crown Motel is the place to be.

Photo from Booking.com
Photo from Booking.com
Photo from Booking.com

The Wi-Fi Access

Wi-Fi access was provided in the hotel, however the signal was strongest at the reception area. It was okay because it was strong enough that I was able to video call my sisters back in the Philippines to greet them a happy birthday. Moreover, I just want to rest and sleep in my room and not use the wi-fi when I’m there.

The Breakfast

There is no buffet breakfast but you will be served a bunch of good food — porridge, eggs, toasted breads, and fruits. They are generous enought that you will be actually given more upon request. Their breakfast area is located at the backyard at the ground floor. If you do not like the breakfast, you can have one at the eatery right across the hotel. Restaurants are also located a few blocks from the hotel, like A Little Bit of Bagan, which serves yummy food.

E-Bikes and Bikes for Rent

Golden Crown Motel Bagan Bikes for Rent

For an affordable price, you can rent e-bikes and bikes at the hotel for half day which will allow you to explore the vicinity of Old Bagan. During our second day, we rented bikes and went to the stupas to witness the sunrise and the hot air balloons, after which we went to Nyaung U Market to check out things to buy. The location of the hotel is quite strategic because the stupas and the market is very accessible for only a matter of minutes.

Photo from Booking.com

Golden Crown Motel is one of the homiest hotels in Nyaung U area

If you want to go to as many accessible tourist spots in Bagan, you must consider booking hotels in Nyaung U area because it is very near the temple complex and the Nyaung U market. Golden Crown may not be the best out there, but it is definitely one of the best hotels in Nyaung U. Since I mentioned earlier that Golden Crown is not located in the typical strip of hotels, but definitely choosing to stay here gets you closer to more spots to visit.

Golden Grown Motel is one of the nicest cheap hotels in Myanmar. It is highly recommended because its location can allow you to access the different spots that should be visited in Bagan. It is also close to restaurants and the market. The bike rental is a big factor for my recommendation as well. The hotel gives a relaxing feeling and I did not experience anything bad with the service of the staff on duty. Thumbs up!


Anawyahta Road, Thiripyitsayar 4 Quarter, Near Post & Telecommunication Office. Nyaung U, Bagan, Old Bagan, Myanmar
+95 61 61 059

Other Bagan hotels you can consider

Cheap hotels in Myanmar are on the rise, even in the becoming touristy Old Bagan area. The place we stayed is not a luxurious 5-star hotel, but we were able to experience a complete and comfortable stay. After all, please don’t expect Ritz-like hotels here in Bagan (at least not yet? But to be honest, this place doesn’t need that kind of luxury and any kind of cheap hotels in Myanmar is already enough.).

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