Baguio City is dubbed as the “Summer Capital of the Philippines”, and this is because of its high altitude location which therefore gives it a very cold and cozy weather, almost all year round. Filipinos and other tourists would visit Baguio City mostly every summer to escape the heat in their own respective hometowns. Back in the day, it was also the favorite vacation spot of American colonial government officials, that’s why a lot of remnants of the American colonial rule can be found here. I had the chance to visit Baguio City, and naturally, my agenda would compose of visits to museums. Baguio is home to several museums, and by the time of my visit, the very beautiful BenCab (Benjamin Cabrera) Museum just opened its doors to the public.

SABEL. BenCab’s wife’s name is Sabel, and a lot of his artworks are inspired by his wife. This super elegant mural will welcome you as you enter the museum, as if Sabel is welcoming you to their home. What you’re seeing are Sabel’s ‘portraits’ painted in ceramic tiles, and BenCab sells reproductions of these.


Kilometer 6, Asin Road, Tuba, Benguet, Philippines
(074) 442 7165

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