Fil-Dane Inn at Dingalan, Aurora (Review)

(This is a sponsored yet honest review of Fil-Dane Inn at Dingalan, Aurora.)

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As I was looking online for a place to have a long weekend escape, I came across this town in Aurora Province which I haven’t heard of: Dingalan. First things first, I have to look for an accommodation in Dingalan Aurora since I chose to go this totally unfamiliar place to me. I only know Aurora because of Baler, a popular surfing spot. I tried Googling photos and places to see in Dingalan, and this is the view that I commonly see:


Apparently, Dingalan is also known as “The Batanes of the East”. I was surprised to know that such beautiful scenery exists just a few hours from Manila. Hence, the ever so spontaneous part of me packed my bags and traveled to Aurora.

Dingalan can be reached from Manila in two ways: (1) a bus at Baliwag Transit that has direct trips to Dingalan every 4AM everyday, or (2) a bus at Baliwag Transit bound to Cabanatuan and then a van from Cabanatuan going to Dingalan.


For my accommodation in Dingalan Aurora, I stayed at Fil-Dane Inn. It was not difficult to locate because it it just a walking distance from the Van Terminal right at the Public Market. Other previous guests made a mistake by riding a tricycle going to Fil-Dane Inn, but in reality it’s a few walks away. There are other accommodation in Dingalan Aurora available but Fil-Dane Inn I think is the most accessible one.

Fil-Dane Inn is an accommodation in Dingalan Aurora owned and operated by the Hofman family. The name Fil-Dane originated from the nationalities of the owners, because it is owned by a Filipino and Dane couple.


Fil-Dane Inn is an accommodation in Dingalan, Aurora that has a very efficient direct reservation system which can be done either through their website (, via email, or via Facebook. You could also reserve through third party reservation sites such as Agoda. If you have a prior reservation, the process will be a breeze and will only take a few minutes. The Ates and other staff were so kind and accommodating to all my concerns. After which, you will be escorted to your room.


I stayed at Room 7 which is a very spacious room which is good for two persons, but in my case I stayed alone. Rooms at Fil-Dane Inn does not look like your commercial hotels located in cities, but instead it looks like a typical Filipino provincial home which is perfect for a homey, provincial vibe.

Fil-Dane Inn provides the basic necessities to your room such as drinking water and toiletries, including towels and slippers.

The room I stayed has a huge flat screen TV with a good cable reception. They also have a desk, a cabinet for your clothes, a basic mirror/dresser, and a nightstand/side table.

The aircon unit provides just the right temperature for your room and the sheets are white, clean, and they smell good. So comfy!


Fil-Dane Inn is situated on a quiet street so you don’t have to worry about the sounds of people or vehicles passing by. Looking around, I get a garden resort vibe which is very relaxing.

THE COMMON AREAS: Dining Area, Indoor Pool, Hammock

Fil-Dane Inn has a relaxing outdoor area (with an indoor pool and hammock) which guests can interact with one another or even with the owners. I had a chat with Mr. and Mrs. Hofman, the owners of Fil-Dane Inn, and I learned so much about Dingalan, Mr. Hofman’s life as an expat in the Philippines, and their life in Denmark as well, where he came from. Oh how I always love learning culture and the way of life of people from other places! So priceless.


My stay at Fil-Dane Inn includes a complimentary breakfast wherein you could choose among common breakfast meals. Because I am a huge bacon lover, I would always, always choose bacon. Coffee and juice will also be provided.


Fil-Dane Inn offers a Dingalan Aurora Day Tour for an additional fee (excluding the tricycle rent), and they have an accredited Tour Guide on standby if ever guests want to avail the tour. Kuya Bong Mariano was able to show me around the town for a Dingalan Aurora Day Tour.

What’s special about the Dingalan Aurora Day Tour offered by Fil-Dane Inn is that it is very customizable. You could suggest the places you want to see, depending on your preferences and the number of people joining the tour. Kuya Bong was able to bring me to several off-the-beaten paths of Dingalan, the one without tourists. That was one of the best guided tours I ever had on any trip. You may reach out to Fil-Dane Inn for inquiries about Dingalan Aurora Day Tour.


Fil-Dane Inn just recently launched the Vikings Restobar which serves good food and drinks. There, you could possibly spend the night socializing with other guests and enjoying the night.

Overall, I was able to maximize my weekend stay at Dingalan because Fil-Dane Inn made it so great — from the amazing tour to the comfort they provide after a tiring day of seeing around. If you guys happen to visit Dingalan, I highly recommend you consider Fil-Dane Inn as your accommodation of choice. You’ll never regret it. :)

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