Creative Daily Dispatch Tracker

Inspired by Austin Kleon‘s idea from his book Show Your Work, I vowed to share something from my daily creative pursuits in this website.

This page serves as a tracker of my daily outputs (I’m doing this for accountability’s sake, and let’s see where this goes).

***Sorry still working on the hyperlinks!

Travel Writing
1Sherlyn @ 30 (in Serbia)
2“That’s where the tourists go”
3Graduating from #ForTheGram Phase
4Freezing in Rovaniemi, Finland
5Meeting Mayor Tri in Surabaya
6Marinduque Fiasco: Never Traveling Cheap Again
7Today: A Short Film“Birthday in Pristina? Really??”
8Afternoon Delight in Vientiane
9I’m an artist, so expect me to break the rules.
10A Walk in the Streets of Athens
11Perspiration and Pad Thai: One Day in Bangkok
12Why I kept coming back to Legazpi City
13Moikka, Europa!
14Stuck: A Short FilmMacau: It’s as if I never left the Philippines
15How the Song Sweet Disposition Became My Travel Anthem
16Skopje, Skop-yay!
17A Spontaneous Christmas in Bangkok
18“But Ma, you don’t need to send cats to school!”
19Aurora Borealis at Rovaniemi, Finland
20Singapore is Always a Good Idea
215 Long Days: A Short FilmDoes ASEAN Matter?
22Creative Inspirations from Tallinn, Estonia
23From Japan to Europe: I Never Learn
24Beach Dogs Will Always Have My Heart
25Working Break
26An Anti-Instagram Tour of Bali
27Alpha Beta Delta Gamma Omicron
28January: A Short FilmI Left My Heart in Sarajevo
29Nature Appreciation at Bandar Seri Begawan
30Why I Love Cafe Amazon (and Memories from Vientiane)
31Vilnius Cat Cafe
32Hiking in Taipei, Taiwan
33‘Independence Day’ ay Coron, Palawan
34Morning Walk at Zagreb, Croatia
35Home By Now: A Short Film24 Hours in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
362022 and still #TeamWorkFromHome and #TeamZoomUniversity
37Exiting the Schengen Area: Ljubljana to Zagreb

creative daily dispatch