On Receiving my COVID Vaccine, Nostalgia with Christina Aguilera, and Living with Typhoon in the Philippines (Scrambled Thoughts #07)

Lately, I’ve been reflecting on the impact of getting my COVID vaccine, feeling nostalgic with Christina Aguilera songs, and trying to look back how typhoon season in the Philippines changed over the years.


I’ve been vaccinated with Moderna vaccine for quite a while. It has made me less fearful of the COVID-19 virus and also more complacent in going outside. But don’t get me wrong, I haven’t actually been outside a lot. I’m only bound to go back to Manila tomorrow, and all the while I’m at the safety of my hometown in Batangas.

I still have a lot of things to take care of before my remote work plans could be executed. I’m planning to spend every other month traveling to surfing areas in the Philippines to practice surfing, and getting vaccinated is a jumpstart to that plan. However, I need to take care of my moving out of Manila after my contract with my condo and plan my travels and to more research on how to make it as affordable as possible.

I’ve heard of many instances where vaccinated people still contract COVID-19 despite getting vaccinated, and I am no exemption to this, obviously. So I think I still need to exercise extra care. I seriously don’t want to have COVID-19.


Lately I’ve been putting the song “Come on Over Baby” by Christina Aguilera on loop because it reminds me of my grade school days where my classmates and I would sing Christina Aguilera’s songs in karaoke. I attended grade school in the province and I feel nostalgic whenever I try to recall those memories, since it reminds me how plain and simple life is in the province.

“Come on Over Baby” has a certain beat that uplifts my mood that no other Christina Aguilera song does, hence whenever I need some mood booster, this song is always, always included in my playlist.


Having born and raised in a disaster-prone country like the Philippines, I have always considered the regular typhoons as something normal. Everytime there’s a typhoon, we just stay indoors until it passes, and that’s it. For other areas in the Philippines, it’s not really like this.


There are a lot of areas in the country that would flood a lot, and there were times where the weather bureau (PAGASA) would fail to forecast the actual strength of typhoon, thereby not making enough preparations to prevent casualties in specific areas. As I was growing up, I’ve observed that typhoons are getting more and more stronger, and this is something that no one should ignore.

The whole world sees the Philippines and the Filipinos as one of the most resilient in terms of dealing with different natural disasters, but how about we try to prevent or minimize casualties and destructions next time? It’s possible. I mean, look at Japan. Sure, the Philippines doesn’t have enough resources to deal with disasters like how Japan deals with them, but at the very least, something has to change.

So much scrambled thoughts lately.

Just rambling as usual,


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