#2: What Sets Your Soul On Fire?


Ten years ago, I started embarking on a journey to go around the Philippines and Asia to take photographs of beautiful landscapes, museums and historical sites, architectural wonders, street art, and the candid daily affairs of people, all while keeping a full-time job. Ten years after, here I am. (Travel and street) photography still sets … Read more

[Free Download] Brunei Darussalam Travel Bucket List Instagram Story Template


SEE ALSO:SOUTHEAST ASIA TRAVEL BUCKET LIST (FREE INSTAGRAM STORY TEMPLATE) Brunei Darussalam is one of the Southeast Asian countries I will consider living in. The peace that you will feel when going around is so promising. I like the simple but elegant way of living of Bruneians, and how they value their religion. I feel … Read more

Instagram Travel Influencer Takes a Break: Traveling #NotForTheGram

Tokyo Station Travel Instagram

Things were really going well in general (I’m still gaining more and more followers). I know how to take that Instagrammable photos better. I’m starting to gain respect, especially from the Southast Asia travel community. But when my blog’s second birthday came, I decided to ‘take a break’ from my travel influencer Instagram.

There are some parts of being a travel influencer on Instagram which I can’t take anymore.