White Bean Cafe: Your Instagram-Worthy Restaurant in Naga City

white bean cafe naga

(This is an non-sponsored review of White Bean Cafe Naga when I visited Naga City.) There are plenty of restaurants in Naga as per my internet research, but serendipitous encounters with nice restaurants make a travel experience more memorable for me. I was having a solo walking tour in Naga City when I accidentally stumbled … Read more


street photography

Very recently on my black and white travel/street photography Instagram portfolio (@sherlynmaehernandez please give it a check and follow if you want), I wrote this statement in my bio: An International Relations Professor who will keep on traveling and taking photos around Asia until she makes it to NatGeo @sherlynmaehernandez on Instagram It’s not that … Read more

Where to Stay in San Juan, La Union: Monaliza Surf Resort (Review)

monaliza surf resort

(This article is a sponsored yet honest review of Monaliza Surf Resort La Union). ALSO READ:WHERE TO EAT IN SAN JUAN, LA UNION: TIPPLE AND BREW RESTO BAR Since a few years ago, I always wanted to go to La Union. Before coming there, I imagine a world where people are in beach outfits and … Read more

Documentaries About the 1986 EDSA People Power Revolution in the Philippines

Every 25th of February of the year, the Philippines commemorates the 1986 EDSA People Power Revolution which symbolizes the restoration of democracy in the Philippines after the Marcos Regime. While most of the Millennials (like me) and Gen Zs aren’t born yet during this historical event, we all want to have a glimpse of what … Read more

Photo Essay: A Beautiful Mess at the Circle Hostel Zambales

the circle hostel zambales

I am a lover of beautiful messes. I love the concept of The Circle Hostel Zambales where guests can creatively put vandals everywhere. Aside from the vandals, you have hammocks, conga, ukulele, bread and peanut butter, and the beautiful Liwliwa Beach nearby (the life!). A quick review of the hostel: They allow early check-ins, they … Read more