Traveling As An Afterthought


Have you always thought of traveling somewhere? Not in my case. Honestly, until now, I am still surprised with myself in terms of how I got addicted to traveling like I do today. I created a short film expressing how traveling came as an afterthought to me:

A Chill Morning Routine

morning routine

If I’m being honest, I don’t have a super fixed ‘morning routine’ (or whatever you wanna call it). A lot of friends of mine would know that I hate routines, so much. I hate repeating things, I am a person of spontaneity, and I always look forward to surprises that could happen every single day. … Read more

SNAPSHOTS: Asia: A Travel/Street Photo Essay Series by Sherlyn Mae Hernandez

photo essay

I am Sherlyn and I’ve been spending my 20s pursuing Travel and Street Photography. I am an International Relations Professor and a Creative Travel Marketing Startup Founder based in Manila, Philippines. Travel and street photography is my life’s greatest passion, and I am (finally!) ready to show the world my works, mainly to solicit constructive … Read more