2022 and still #TeamWorkFromHome

Work from Home 2022

Does work from home drive me insane? What a rhetorical question. It’s been two years and the Philippines is still not fully going back to face-to-face classes. We’re still on Zoom University. I was watching an episode of the new season of Queer Eye entitled ‘A Night to Remember’ and as someone working in the … Read more

Recalling My Blue’s Clues Childhood Memories, Missing Zedd and EDM Music, and Admiring Lily Collins’ Outfits in Emily in Paris (Scrambled Thoughts #08)

Hey it’s me again! Here are my scrambled thoughts on Steve’s come back and Blue’s Clues, Zedd and EDM, and Lily Collin’s outfits in Emily in Paris. MY BLUE’S CLUES MEMORIES 8th of September, rainy morning. I was in the car with my sister after her second dose of vaccine. We were ordering takeaway breakfast … Read more

On Receiving my COVID Vaccine, Nostalgia with Christina Aguilera, and Living with Typhoon in the Philippines (Scrambled Thoughts #07)

Lately, I’ve been reflecting on the impact of getting my COVID vaccine, feeling nostalgic with Christina Aguilera songs, and trying to look back how typhoon season in the Philippines changed over the years. I GOT MY COVID VACCINE! NOW WHAT? I’ve been vaccinated with Moderna vaccine for quite a while. It has made me less … Read more

About Today: Editing my Tokyo Photos, Catching Up Until Money Heist Season 5, and Learning About ‘Bella Ciao’ (Scrambled Thoughts #04)

As I have been sharing in my past few blogs, I have been working on NOT working on a weekend, therefore I would try to pursue some hobbies, creative projects, self-care, and other extra-curricular activities. This Saturday, I worked on two things: (1) editing my past street photos, specifically my Tokyo photos, and (2) desperately … Read more

How to Visit an Art Museum

Even before I majored in Politics and got obsessed with history, culture, anthropology, and the arts, among others, I have been visiting museums since time immemorial because I feel intelligent about it. We all have our experiences going to museums for educational trips in school, but my most memorable one was when our high school … Read more

What if Southeast Asia has its own version of “We Didn’t Start the Fire”? (and my simple joys as a Professor)

Cover photo was from a random Valentine’s Day class photo in another university I used to teach in because doing screenshots for class photos over Zoom for my recent classes has always been a depressing idea to me. As a preliminary assignment before discussing the different forms of Political Art that exists in Southeast Asia … Read more

I’ve always been a realist.

I’ve been studying political realism over and over again since I first read Sun Tzu’s Art of War for my International Relations class in college, until I went to grad school, and eventually when I joined the academia, there will always be at least one undergraduate class I’m handling where I have to reiterate the … Read more