How to Visit an Art Museum

Even before I majored in Politics and got obsessed with history, culture, anthropology, and the arts, among others, I have been visiting museums since time immemorial because I feel intelligent about it. We all have our experiences going to museums for educational trips in school, but my most memorable one was when our high school … Read more

Photo Essay: HOUSE OF SAMPOERNA in Surabaya, Indonesia

house of sampoerna

Not gonna lie, but I’ve been telling everyone that prior to visiting Surabaya, I don’t know much about the place and the fact that most historical events in Indonesian politics actually took place here. After attending a conference at Universitas Airlangga, I had the chance to explore the city, more particularly, its museums. The first … Read more

A Trip to Pasig City Museum

(Pasig City Museum is just one of the historical museums in Manila and it’s definitely worth checking out!) Whenever I have some free time from my full-time job, like the weekends and public holidays, if I’m not spending it in another town or another country, I’ll be spending it exploring museums in Manila or nearby … Read more


Baguio City is dubbed as the “Summer Capital of the Philippines”, and this is because of its high altitude location which therefore gives it a very cold and cozy weather, almost all year round. Filipinos and other tourists would visit Baguio City mostly every summer to escape the heat in their own respective hometowns. Back … Read more