The 6 Factors That Matter: Tina Seelig on Creativity

Creativity is subjective, but we have a tendency to look at creativity in a narrow way. Tina Seelig has delivered a very interesting TEDx talk entitled A Crash Course in Creativity where she have identified the 6 factors that matter and we should examine to get to know the concept of creativity even more, and how they are interlinked or related.

How to Think Out of the Box the Right Way: Giovanni Corazza on Creativity

Think out of the box? What a cliche, right? Also, it has always been suggested to us, but in my case, no one actually ever told me on how to do it exactly?

Slow Motion Multitasking: Tim Harford on Creativity

In order to consistently hone my creativity and creative thinking, I vowed to watch at least one TED talk on creativity for the whole month of February. I came across with a TEDx talk by Tim Harford, and for him, the secret to creativity is ‘slow motion multitasking’.