One Thousand Stars and You by Isabelle Broom

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I was looking for a book with Sri Lanka as a setting when I came across this book. It was an easy read, and the author provided a very detailed description of the things happening around on each scene, making you feel that you’re actually there with the characters. It gave me comfort during the pandemic and gave me a virtual travel experience (because I was supposed to visit Sri Lanka before the lockdown last 2020). I could really use this book as a Sri Lanka travel guide as well because it has virtually taken me to the tourist destinations in the country.

As someone who is about to turn 30, I could relate so much to Alice’s existential crisis and questioning her relationship with her then boyfriend. I could also relate to how Alice would want to celebrate her single life before she gets married (because obviously life will never be the same after marriage), so I myself will also have my ‘one last hurrah’. I love Alice’s attitude throughout the entire novel. Even if she encountered an unexpected serendipitous event, she became rational up to the very end, and she was able to put her happiness first.

I would recommend everyone who are planning to visit Sri Lanka to get a copy of this book because it is a chick lit and a holiday/travel book in one.

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