BOOK REVIEW: Anna on the Neck (Anton Chekhov)

Anna on the Neck by Anton Chekhov

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I can’t believe I just read a work from 1895! It feels like it was just written yesterday or something.

Reading Chekhov’s short story ‘A Nervous Breakdown’ has got me reading more of his short stories (and later, novels). Chekhov has brilliantly captured the situation of a typical woman from the countryside who decides to marry an influential man, leaving behind her family who can barely survive on a daily basis.

How Chekhov ended the story was so amazing and empowering. As a feminist like me, I like how he gave justice to Ana’s character and how she was able to turn things around without sacrificing her relationships with her husband, her family, and the other members of the community, including the other influential ones. It goes to show that we might be born in specific kinds of circumstances, but we can always decide on whoever we want to be.

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