BOOK REVIEW: A Nervous Breakdown (Anton Chekhov)

A Nervous Breakdown by Anton Chekhov

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A Nervous Breakdown Review Anton Chekhov
A Nervous Breakdown (Anton Chekhov) Review

As a lover of literature, I am always seeking out new authors and genres to explore. When Katherine Mansfield referenced Anton Chekhov in her short story Bliss, I was intrigued and decided to delve into his works. My first experience with Chekhov’s writing was through his short story A Nervous Breakdown.

First Impressions

I got my copy of the book from an online marketplace. The previous owner of the book included a sticky note that read, “I hope it can also give you the comfort I had reading this book.” This note piqued my interest even more, and I was eager to see what this story had in store for me.

A Nervous Breakdown is a poignant and thought-provoking story that delves into the complex nature of mental health. At its core, it is a powerful description of what it feels like to experience a nervous breakdown, and how it can affect a person’s life. Through the character of Vasilyev, Chekhov masterfully portrays the nuances of mental illness and the challenges that come with it.

Themes and Messages

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However, A Nervous Breakdown is not just a story about mental health. It is also a commentary on the 1800s Russian society, its views on prostitution and morality, and even their relationship with alcohol. As I delved deeper into the story, I found myself contemplating themes such as burnout, moral obligations towards humanity, and the effects of winter on the human psyche.

Quotes and Citations

“The world is made for healthy people, Mr. Vasilyev. It’s not for people like you.”

Vasilyev’s Doctor, A Nervous Breakdown

This quote perfectly encapsulates the societal stigma surrounding mental health during that time period, and how it affected those who were suffering from mental illness.

A Nervous Breakdown is a must-read for anyone who enjoys thought-provoking literature. It is a beautiful story that addresses important themes and messages that are still relevant today. Chekhov’s writing style is captivating, and his ability to weave together multiple themes and messages in such a short story is truly impressive. I am eager to explore more of his works and other Russian classic literature.

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